View Full Version : Warehouse to Warehouse transportation

09-09-2017, 09:17 AM
My only major dislike with the Anno franchise is how all gods that are stored in one warehouse magically become available in every warehouse on the entire island.

Warehouse -> invisible magic -> Warehouse

I want it to work like the harbors do from island to island.

Harbor -> visible transportation -> Harbor

09-18-2017, 07:08 PM
While I like the premisse and sound of this feature. the devs would have to be very careful in balancing that because they can't simply double the total amount of work a player needs to dedicate to setup and manage trade routes. By increasing the complexity on one part of the game they will most certainyl feel pressure to simplify something else.
In anno 1404 you could see people transporting stuff between warehouses and harbours, production buildings all the time. It was purely cosmetic, apart from the collecting carts
But sure I do like the ideia of having to manage storage inside the same island. the settler series had that and i loved it. But truth is that the devs have to draw the line somewhere...
while we are at it, what about all buildings having a constrution time and animation?
because if one doenst enjoy the invisible magic of goods teleportation, how instantaneous building warping in makes any sense? you know what I mean?