View Full Version : White pixels around guns and gadgets

09-09-2017, 07:34 AM
]hi ,

i am seeing weird white pixels(triangle like) around guns in the game while i'm in first person view(when controlling my character or of a teammate's( assist mode) ).
This has happened after the blood orchid dlc .My first game after the dlc, I was getting lower than before fps(from 20 to 15) so i went to settings and benchmarked at different values ,then set them to their previous values (everything at lowest possible) and the above mentioned thing happened and the fps went back to 20 average. i have restarted pc,uplay ,steam, the game itself for couple of times and nothing works. Setting anti aliasing to higher value makes the white pixels tinier (like sparkles).
i was already having a bad experience and now its just unplayable(these pixels are around reticle too)

Any help is appriciated

intel hd 5500 ( i know its not for "gaming", but i dont have any other option right now)
8 gb ram
i5 5200U

09-11-2017, 06:03 AM
Got the same problem and i dont know how to fix it either!