View Full Version : Issues With Network and SLI

09-08-2017, 03:48 PM
Since Update to Blood Orchid I found a problem with Network Lag Compensation Compared with the before for low ping player now More favorable .
my ISP is **** i know that but In the old version Lag Compensation Make us in a relatively balanced case against. i know have a lot of player they have bad Network just like me so i think Technical Team should be considered again about Lag Compensation

The second Issues is when the End of match in the MVP Cam background shadow will flash this problem happen in every match , and today i play a match in Embassy when i play defender in the garage i try to aim this problem happen again. I ask some friend they tell me the never happe in they computer before so i think this problem maybe just happen when i try to use SLI play R6.

in the last new matchmaking systems in Blood Orchid is Worse than ever. in casual me and my friend 3 player team with 2 random normal teammate need to fight with a 5 player team a thay almost all LV200+ the whole game just like 3v5 And the rest of the game occasionally happens what a disaster