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09-08-2017, 12:38 PM
This game was released as a AAA title and here is what is missing to make it a great one for me:

1. Basic mechanics for a AAA titles are not in it. You can not set the max FPS in game. I use the NVIDIA GTX 1080 which means 200 FPS are possible. When I play a bad pinger or a person from far away you have crazy FPS drops down to 100 FPS this is not what I expect from a AAA title! I would love to lock my FPS to 120. V-Sync is not an option because you can not compete in duels with it.

2. Monstrous input lags: When your opponent lags at the time you push a button = your command is not taken or taken delayed which is a massive disedvantage and often kills me in duels (love it when I can not cancel my heavy and get parried cause the other person lags). In other titles lagging favors the weaker player in For Honor lag is an extrem advantage for the lagger.

3. You have to lock the dpi for mouse users. On PC mouse users can parry almost every light attack without any problems. Especially in Duel mode using a gamepad is a massive disedvantage. I know no other game where it is so easy for me to see if a player uses gamepad or mouse.

4. The amount of cheating players on PC grows. You see players where the block "snaps" directly to the direction when you start an attack (block bot) for example. I think ranked tournament made the people cheat more because you get a reward for winning. So please start banning cheaters. You will loose a lot of players when not doing something (I thought Ubisoft learned something from what has heppened to "The Division").

5. Patches: Each patch brings new bugs or brakes mechanics. For example your change of stance resulted into broken side attacks by most assasin heroes. There was no fix for it and you know this for a long time now. You also destroyed my main hero valkyrie (I think because you tried to remove unlock tech). Her swipe does no longer make opponents fall down when they are not exactly on the same ground as you are (a stair or a stone is enough and you just hear the sound you hit and nothing happens).

I saw Ubisoft as one of the big 3 plattforms in gaming. But on Steam and EA titles fail bug fixes do not happen that often. Please improve it!

09-09-2017, 02:11 AM
1. I can bring this up to the devs for consideration. They may at least be able to provide some insight as to why this feature isn't available.
2. PC players actually don't seem to report as terrible input issues (as opposed to console). Are you playing with a controller (and what kind)? Are you on wifi or ethernet? And what's your NAT type?
3. We'd probably have to gather some more data and feedback to see if this is actually a real advantage to M/KB players. And overall most players prefer the gamepad as opposed to M/KB, which is probably why it hasn't been raised as an issue before, but I can make a note for them to look into it.
4. We do ban cheaters on a regular basis, but we also need players to report them so we can conduct a proper investigation and then issue sanctions. If you ever feel you've run into a cheater, report them (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Cases/new?template=FHReportACheater) and we'll take over from there.
5.Any changes are made with improvement and growth in mind, like the equalization of guard switches across heroes - so we're not trying to introduce new bugs but it can happen when code gets changed. This is unfortunately an inevitability for any game with regular updates and patches like FH. While we do our best to catch and prevent bugs before they go out, there will be some bugs that we miss that players find. So if you find a bug, report it to us, and we can work on getting it fixed. If you think we broke something, let us know and we'll work on it.

Hopefully some of this helps you.