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09-07-2017, 11:00 AM
first, sorry about my very bad english!
well, no want insist about new and old buildings what can exist in this amazing game (1404 best) but want discuss about posible DLC later in game, about EXPEDITION - new sistem of gameplay! my opinion is can exist in own city advance port, when can make and upgrade special ship for expedition - 1800-1899 is so many and important historical word events like war, discovery medical, teritory, architectural, archaelogical, industrial - and with this ship can go in EXPEDITION in almost unlimited scenary around in almost all country! that make game very playable in end of game, when city is max develoment!
if my idea is interest for developer i can make a map with 1800-1899 year points of interest major for world, with exclusiv building for expedition and other imoprtant ideeas! ty, and gratz for this new anno game!

09-07-2017, 12:37 PM

exemple of expedition

1. Science
>>>> Buisness
>>> Museum of science

>>> Buisness aplication
> Invention Building

> Industrial manufacture

2. Painters, sculptors

>> Painting
>> Galery Art

photografer with old picture

>> Sculture
>> Galery art

>> park thematic of sculture in city

3.Anthropology, archaeology, scholars

>> sit archaeology
>> Museum of descovery

>> Book Building

5. Famous and infamous personalities

>> Prison building for infamous

>> Government building for famous

6. Music
>> compozitors

>> musician

>> Opera Building

>> Concert building

7. Religion
>> Evanghelist of century

>> Church Building 1800-1899 around world

8. Treasure Hunting

>>Treasury Building

>> Bank

9. Flora Hunting

>> Museum of Flora Building

10.Fauna hunting
>> fish, bird, terestrial animals
>> Zoological Garden Building

>> Marina Garden Building

11. War

>> Army
>> Military academy building

>> Maina academy Building

>> Museum of Military Building

>> Museum of trophy

now exemple of expedition sistem :

Expedition Fauna

Start points : city special port (recuirments for start : food, army, specialist people,

Time : need calculate real rute from you city

on my exemple is about go from Lisabon to Brasil, Amazon

Arive brazil start make a little village with minim building : house, Bakery, Army, wall stone or other materials

start find fauna : fish, lvl 1

need coment about fauna sistem : need be 3 tipe

1. Fish

2. Bird

3. Terestrial animals

each tipe need have levels, from 1 to 500, from little fish posible to Balens :), from ant to Elephant

after Fauna expedition is succes ( arive 3 tipe of animals or fish or birds) crew come back to town and you

Zoo rise with this 3 new tipe!

09-07-2017, 12:57 PM
and finally after expedition complete, you can have rise building -World Building from New York was 94 meters in 1890 year! so we can create a nice city with small build and large with coffe shop, cloth shop, and so many other tipe posible, and every players can create a large dinamic and uniq city! not forget about can create and make wall! this wall can be a nice oportuniti to have concrete zone disign and nice look from view to city!

09-07-2017, 04:11 PM
Its a nice idea, but anno has been a mainly island based game for a long time, something like visting whole continents would totally change the games mechanics.

09-08-2017, 12:33 AM
I think tweaking a system similar to the one in anno 1404 would be a start on this idea, and add a little bit of extra replayability.