View Full Version : 100% cpu usage!

09-07-2017, 09:09 AM
So when this is going to get fixed? It's realy bad when it keeps diconnecting me from teamspeak. First had it in patch operation health and did not experience it in tts but it live build it's back. Before operation health never got this issue. Not even capping frames at 144 helps anymore. Specs: 4670k@4.2 and gtx 980. Lowest setting.

09-07-2017, 01:00 PM
hi there i am running x99 6850k and 1080 ti with asus gsync 144hz i found if i dont set in game settings to vsync on 1 frame it plays like crap but once you have set thsi restart ubi and game thats the only way i found it to be smooth and ok (apart from once you do get on matchmaking is utter utter joke)

i no the above setting we shouldn't have to do that with a gysync monitors and the equipment we have but you no if you have had ubi games before the sub standard basic programming of games is always bad ,every game i have had on ubi has always had problems from day 1 .assassins, far cry ,watchdog poo ,and wildlands,division they do get there eventually but by then you get so miffed of with it you either go to other platform games or you just uninstall it

any way i hope it helps your gaming if not at least i have suggested something to try and only going of what i had to do