View Full Version : New Amusement Park Terrorist Hunt Classic Number Glitch

09-06-2017, 08:07 AM
I played THC on regular as Hibana on the new map for Blood Orchid. I got to 4 enemies left. The announcer said either 3 or 4 remaining and they began their charge which they do on 3 operators. I could not replicate the problem on any other map while I did have a glitch on the Hereford map where the final guy froze at the top of the stairs. Anyway, I killed 2 and it still said 2 enemies standing. There was one left charging at me. Backwards. At full speed like he was sprinting forward while his animation looked as if he was walking forward. After killing him, I got the victory screen. It threw me off because I was expecting to have to kill one more. After seeing the scoreboard as well it said I had killed 21 not 22. And I killed both bombers with headshots in one spray with the bearing 9. Neither of them blew up. So I know I killed 22. I hope this was descriptive and helpful!