View Full Version : [OFF-TOPIC] Blue Byte + Kalypso Media Game

09-04-2017, 04:23 PM
(Seen how there isn't really an Off-Topic section yet here in the forum, I put a disclaimer in the title for now)

Most people here could probably agree that the Anno and Tropico series are one of the better (if not best) city-building games around.
With the recent reveal of Anno 1800 and the earlier reveal of Tropico 6, I had a thought in my mind for a while of what kind of game they could/would produce if Blue Byte and Kalypso Media were to work together.

And thus we arrive here at the Anno forum, where I'd like to ask you great folks what such a game would look like!

(Of course, such a cooperation would be unlikely, but it would be fun to speculate.)