View Full Version : Dynamic prices and off-map (unlimited)trading

09-04-2017, 03:31 PM
Another suggestion would be to have dynamic prizes in anno.
In previous titles prices where very fixed, only a few npc's had diffrent prices and you could set the price for your goods when selling or buying the in the warehouse.

However i think prices could much more shift by many factors like supply and demand and sell ratio's. Disaster wich temprarly undermines some resources would off course all have effect on prices. This would create a more diffrent gameplay every time you play again.
Prices may shift alot from there base price up to making it so that when a particular good is being overproduced it is actually cheaper to buy it then to produce it.

Another thing i really missed particular in anno 2070 was off map-trading.
Basicly i am thinking about ships being able to set on trade routes outside of the map to sell goods at an increased profit (but no relation of honour or whatever system you have) You will offcourse have to miss your ship for a longer amount of time so you are very unlikely to send ships with little cargo out of the map like trading routes where you would before dump everything in your warehouse and if there is anything left sell it to an npc...
Also being able to buy an unlimited quantity of goods wich was until now only able by buying resources passivly in your warehouse would be an extreme add-onn. The balanced prizes would off course create an effect thet you can not concentrate big time on one particular good Since when you are overproducing you are selling and if you buy alot of the same well sooner or later you will find that the raw resources cost becomes higher then the sell valua of the goods but this is off course in extreme cases.

Anno games have to little trading aspects and this could be a hugh add-on. With this it might be profitable, if you look good to make some extra money with trading without having produced anything. A perfect game filler for whenever you are "waiting" for something.

09-09-2017, 02:16 PM

another think i came to think off later on would be the fact that when dynamic prizes are getting to such a point it is cheaper to buy goods rather then produce them, you will be tempted to shut down your factories (temporarly) However this could triger some event with workers no longer having a job wich fits good in the revolutionary theme.