View Full Version : Things I've Learned from Playing the Ranked Tournament Mode

09-04-2017, 03:59 AM
First of all, I love this game[B]
I've been actively playing it ever since release, and I've seen all the ups and downs this game has been through. I've been praying for ranked mode where I could test my mettle , and when it finally arrived, I was ecstatic.
The first day of ranked play was going fairly well. the 1v1s I got paired in felt mostly challenging, with the odd new player being thrown in the mix every here and there (I'm rep level 25), and even when I lost I was pretty okay with it since for the most part I would get bested by some mistake I made or the other player must generally being better than me.
Sadly, the same cannot be said for the rest of the week. I have continually run into gimmick strats, fallen victim to numerous 50/50s, been the victim of extreme turtleing, and general glaring issues that can't help but remind me of the dreaded $10,000 tournament.
So far, the only things I've honestly and truly learned from this is that
1.) the centurion is still fundamentally broken because of his inconsequential spamming of stamina draining moves.
I won't pretend like I haven't done my fair share of centurion gameplay because I thought it was crazy how little people the game because could actually punish you for messing up. Many of my friends left because this very character. Essentially what this ends up billing down to is that the centurion is damn near impossible to beat, because he can just spam stamina draining tactics, with little to no punishment on his own stamina, making him nearly impossible to beat unless you're playing an assassin character.
2.) Speaking about assassin characters, let's go to the Gladiator next.
When this character came out, I knew he would be heavily more preferred than the highlander because He's much easier to grasp, which is odd since the way the highlander is built, his movesets are incredibly simplistic. But I digress.
Now the problem with the gladiator is much like the problem I used to have with the peacekeeper, where she could just ring-around-the-rosie with you all day, and you could never stop her from just side dodging and jabbing you. Except it's much worse with the gladiator since it seems he can do this much faster and from an even further range. So like today to draw an example, I was playing against a gladiator who would never engage me, and just sat back and waited for me to try something, and then simply doge and stab, and then dodge all the way back again just to do the same cycle over and over. Given, I was playing my Highlander who is a much slower character, but I can't help but feel like the Gladiator can basically never be touched if he doesn't want to be.
3.) [B]Gimmicks win Matches
I can't tell you how may times I've been bested by the 50/50s, the raider running back and forth looking for the stampede, the constant turtleling. What for honor has really boiled down to, I feel like, is who can drain who's stamina the fastest, and then just keep them at that state, or can just be the most patient and just prod away at their opponent.
Oh and lastly, the way you gain rank and lose it seems a bit wonky, because I'll lose one game, and essentially lose all the progress I've made.
And those are really all may grievances so far. Not that I think anything will be done about it.