View Full Version : Mario Rabbids Glitch

09-03-2017, 05:41 AM
Hi, I want to start by saying that Mario+Rabbids is a great game. The rabbids annoyed me once, though now I may pick up another Rabbids game if they keep this weird charm. Anyways...

I am in world 2 and messed up on a puzzle that I need to refresh the map for. Though when I go to the pause menu (in the overworld) there is a fast scrolling that makes me unable to do anything. I can back out of it thank god, though just thought you might wanna know. I was using the Joycons while playing instead of my pro-controller. I tried them on and off the Switch in order to see if the problem could be fixed, though no help. Please fix this... thanks :)

Also I would love to see more Nintendo Ubisoft games, this one is great!