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09-02-2017, 04:41 PM
Dear R6 Team,

Let me just share some of the issues I encountered during Operation Health.

I can't invite one of my friends into a lobby, because it always sais "connection failed", yet if a 3rd friend invites us both it magically works.

The game suddenly exits in the middle of a match, without any error messages. A 2 year old game; exits itself; without any explanation, any error, are we still serious?

C4 bug, i tossed a C4 tried to blow it up, nothings happened, then a walked near it and it detonated and killed me! I'm pretty sure we are not serious any more...a 2 year old game!!

When I alt tab from the game it changes from full screen to windowed...

I really wish there would be an Operation Health 2.0 , the game really needs it.

Thanks for reading!