View Full Version : Problems with Rainbow Six Siege™

09-02-2017, 05:49 AM
I'm here to talk about most problems I have with Rainbow Six Siege™ 1. The community: The community is really toxic and you have no punishments for them unless your hiding it behind your lousy "team support" 2. The decay system: I got placed in Gold this season July-August which is summer vacation for us Canadians. So my family has a two week vacation every year this time it was shorter due to my allergies and stuff around that. But besides that we stayed for around two weeks and when I got back I had been put back to silver 2.... What's that? Oh yeah the toxicity crew which I hate. The last game I played we had a dude leave cause I was "doing nothing" when I had more kills than he did. 3. Hit Registration: I was playing on Border as my last match and I was going down the stairs as Jager from reinforcing a hatch when a Fuze blew up beside me I hit him in the chest multiple times and he lost 2/3s of his health when he turned around and headshotted me. 4. Racist players: In that game also I had a racist player that kept making jokes about black people and repeatedly saying the n word.

That's the end of my forum and if you are to fix this please message me with at least one of these problems.