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09-02-2017, 01:07 AM
So kensei got nerfed/fixed that made him even weaker, so did centurion. The nerf made both characters more defensive, but hit kensei way harder as he cant get an unblockable anymore after a light (with a safe unlock heavy inbetween) which was essentially one of his only openers.
Meanwhile with the upcoming defensive meta ''fix'' centurion will stay strong while kensei will become weaker. Not getting as many wall throws as he used too on which he relies, less damage from parries which - unlike other characters- was one of his few ways to get damage in. While all his openers like helmsplitters are seen as lights, so hes still just as vulnerable to parries as before. While centurion still has his insanely fast heavies which are easy to avoid parries on with charges and lights mixed in, kicks, unblockables, free damage and damage to stamina, while kensei has no way to punish people who are out of stamina yet even get them there.
Every kensei who played in the test reported to be feeling weaker, yet ubi said he had a high k/d. Obviously the few still out there daring to take kensei in such a test must be good players. Ubi has also said centurion is fine because he loses alot. Are k/ds really reliable? Beginners obviously get discouraged from playing kensei for any stretch leaving only the experienced players, while centurion is such an easy mode character that gets tons of free damage, is hard to punish with his full block (hes an assassin hybrid with a tiny *** sword and has no temp block?!?!? and fast feint proof heavies. Centurion is obviously way more popular also to beginners, so isnt it natural he still loses? Not only that but even the long term mediocre players wouldnt jump to any other character to cent because they have no reason to change. Meanwhile centurion does great in tourneys and kensei is nowhere to be seen.
Is k/d really reliable at all for balancing? Isnt it way better to use the supercomputer were blessed with called brains plus real experience? Centurion has plenty openers and is so save, while kensei has to risk everything and has not openers. Fighting with kensei is not fun anymore as the main pull of the character was being able to look fancy with all the unlock tech. Centurion is the bain of every feint reliant character or every player who plays 4vs4, as a full team of cents is still the most scary thing out there.
In short, please consider some buffs for my poor buddy kensei, he feels terrible now and ive been playing him since start, im dreading the defensive meta patch which i always thought would make kensei more viable. Please reconsider only looking at the casual play number and look at tournaments and how the community rates the effectiveness of characters. We play the game afterall and care about the balance we feel, while tournaments are the only way to judge high lvl viability. K/ds are so reliant on context that is hard to spot that is really has a tough place in being a deciding factor in anything.

Im sorry, Im not used to posting in the forum and English is not my first language. I just felt terrible today and worried about to future of a game i love so much. Everyone who plays this game has a community around them and seeing this game fail would mean we would lose so many people to play with aswell. I just felt like i had to say something even if this is the only way to do so. Kensei is the only character i feel anything for and right now hes just pathetic, cheers to the people who still wreck with him because of their parries, but the feeling that i would be so much better with other characters is sad, because the eastetic and idea of the character is what no other character has. Would there be anyone that wouldnt agree with a kensei buff or even a cent nerf? Would it have a negative effect on the balance or community? I think not. Just make both more fun to play and play against.

09-02-2017, 01:09 AM
Are there even enough people that play kensei to promote a buff, they all quit if they will not do it soon because of the recent nerf. Meanwhile everyone plays centurion.

09-02-2017, 01:54 AM
Kensei seems fine on console. I see them rip people apart pretty often. I'm a veteran and I still have issues with a really good kensei. The mixup game is insane

09-02-2017, 02:04 AM
I've been seeing more and more Kensai on PC as of late. And, they give me lots of trouble with their fast tops and feint game.

09-02-2017, 05:32 AM
High tier play he is really lacking honestly. I'm a very very strong kensei player, but against players in the gold tier in ranked (I'm on Xbox) it's impossible to even start off a top heavy finisher for any mix ups. The quickest way is to dodge attack, but to someone who just waits for you to make a move then it's pretty easy to parry. This leaves double light into top heavy finisher but then again that's assuming it doesn't get stopped mid chain. Definitely an uphill battle as a kensei in ranked where I am at the moment. I feel like I'm in the tier that everyone very good is in to the point where it becomes who's hero is better at the core instead of who's the better player. The skills in the Gold tier are all about the same player wise: seasoned players who know pretty much all the tricks and are nearly impossible to fool.