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09-01-2017, 10:23 PM
First of all i enjoyed anno series from the very first when i was still a kid and even couldn't understand english yet.
I witnessed the series to grow to still be making the most amazing economic games there are today.

So what was good on previous anno titles?

-perfect balance of trade income and tax income
-ecobalance was awsome
-underwater cities yet i realise this is no hint for 1800 lol
-I really liked buildings you had to place in your city to produce something based on inhabitants (power with eco's and ecobalance with tycoons).
-Some buildigns had more effect then just existing, like the tv stations i really liked this
-the attempt to counter naval supremacy wich alas always affected anno titles a lot, you control the sea? you win the game... this game tried but failed.
-Diffrent faction where nice but it was ashame they didn't had common goods so trade with diffrent factions was almost impossible.
-Arks where very cool apart from the fact you could store resources from previous games.
-Aircraft was nice but it was really really shaming they could not transport goods
-Many more diffrent types of npc's where cool and made alot of more diffrent games possible
-Islands where no prisons, this was the first title where you actually had plenty of space.
-the lack of npc's who are more like you was a really big turn off for me on this game

-The pirates who could be payed and then they where even usefull to you i really liked this more over a violent maniac who shoots at everything without any real goal for himself, yet a more unpredictavle behavior might suit them more, they still need to be a pain in the ***.
-The unlockable system made me play the game much much longer then i otherwise would, needing the achievements to unloack bonus buildings.
-disasters where something to be reckoned with, also the maintaining of your buildigns was somethign really nice.
-also the effect of disasters like when you had the plague free traders no longer want to come to your port
-the ai really acted in their self intrest, their decisions towards you where in no anno game better then in 1404.
-sabotage was awsome, yet in this title tax income was not as important and therefore the sabotage did not really did much damage outside of your own wallet.
-the needs divided in sections preventing the population from getting to angry for hust one missing good.
-side quests and standard npc traders where cool.
-Seeds wich let you custimize the islands a bit
-the variaty of items and almost every one of them are interesting to use.
-War was slow and expensive like it should be yet the army placement was kind of weird
-Tournement fields also where very nice, it was a shame the palace did not implement a simular function.

-The atmosphere was amazing and the city feeled alive like no other anno title could do Your people really looked very diffrent with diffrent civilazation levels and when disasters where happening.
-The city really kept you busy
-The choice of wether you went on with the queen or you turned against her.
-Taxation really was an income here
-Visisters to the city centers where hilarious
-the npcs and their curses yet trading with them was difficult
-again sabotage acts

-The fact that people actually have to buy our goods in order for you to get income.
-The way you could make your own market places was somethign wich really enjoyed me.
-Advanced military yet anno titles do not need a very large option on military units.
-Diffrent cultures you could find yet they where very unintersting apart from encountering them.

-1602 Now im digging deep in my memory
-Multiple production chains to produce the same good. It is nices now but still more options to get the same goods would be nice
-ARMING YOUR SHIP! I never understood why anno did this not more to first build your ships and loaded weapons on it afterworths and every ship could be armed as well.

You see me not mentioning 2205, im gonna let it stay that way....

These where all the thigns i like about the diffrent anno titles for as far as i can currently remember.
Now what are things i always loved to see in any games:

-Gone with naval supremacy: like i said before in any anno game if you control the sea, you basicly win the game. would be very nice to see a change in this.
perhaps more reliable npc trading routes 2070 could have provided better good transport with aircraft and submarines but off course 1800 can't do that.
perhaps some smuggling options with countraband products or something like that?! If you give naval supremacy less priority then multiplayer games would also be more interesting when someone starts to lose.

-Changing value's of goods: always prices where set in anno titles. I think it would make huge diffrent playstyles if goods changed value on how much they are being sold bought... Up to a point where basic resources could be more expensive then finished products (off course in more extreme cases) or It is actually cheaper to buy products instad of producing them. This last example would make it easier for a player who falls behind to buy cheap goods because a strong player is overproducing.
This would also make multiplayer much more interesting

-Battling disasters: apart from having a building wich counters disasters it might be a nice idea they need some goods for that as well.
fire departmet needing tools, docters needign medicine, cops or whatever they had in 1800 need weapons. I think these buildings should also have a much wider area to counter disasters but when they are to far away they become to ineffective to battle it on their own. This way people will build more diffrent cities and you have less the problem of 1 house burning down because it is 'just' outside the influence range.

-More sea based disasers wich affects ships who sale trough it (ps not that small that they are easily avoided

-I am expecting more revoltuin things since it is 1800 but i have the fulles of confidence you will make this very nice!

-Npc's should all be possible to declare war to yet there should also be very friendly npc's who are eager to trade but if you want to whipe the map clean of anything wich isn't you it should be possible.

-ps if you want multiplayer to work i suggest drop in multiplayer

-more events in your city not only disasters but more 'side quests' or other things you could do to make your city more efficient or generate more income

-Smuggling goods into your opponents city why whould acts of sabotage not be able to be profitable?

-a 'me' character wich you have to protect would be nice yet i think it is also to lame if he dies for a stupid reason.

So i hope i have givven you some input

09-15-2017, 12:49 PM
Since you didn't mention things anno 2205 did well (probably because tat would be a shorter list compared to the other games), let me add some:

- Public building range based on road connectivity/efficiency instead of a circle (which never made sense anyway)
- Large island allowing for bigger cities
- A few good production chains, requiring mats from all different climates to create high-level products and thus making the game a bit more challenging
- Campaign mode continuing sandbox mode. While the absence of directly starting in sandbox was annoying, going from tutorial to campaign to sandbox in a single game was really nice.
- Different mechanics for different zones. While this was present in other games (irrigation for crops), I really felt like the zones influenced the gameplay in those zones, and thus made the game feel more diverse.

Not a long list, but I felt like these good points should at least be pointed out.

09-15-2017, 01:21 PM

Great of you to mention the better parts of 2205.
I feel Anno fans have gone a little Star Wars Prequel on that game. 😂
They didn't like it as a whole so then they flamed it all. (i am no exception)

But I do support both posts strongly.
The dev wants to take something great from every Anno and put it into 1800.
And these are all excellent sugestions.

09-17-2017, 10:28 PM
ANNO 2205 on itself wasnt a bad game at all. it just wasnt ... ANNO. more like SIM city :(
but i agree with the list so far ^^

09-18-2017, 10:08 AM
2205 did lose the Anno feel, without the trade and logistics between islands.

09-18-2017, 02:30 PM
I like your list and idea's and to go further in your idea of a 'me' character, this would seem nice to me. I understand your problem with the quick/ stupid death. So I have been thinking about not only playing with a me character, but maybe whole dynasties. For an ANNO example: instead you play against 'Giovanni Di Mercante', you play against 'The house of Di Mercante' This includes his family. This would also be more logically as they build/ grow their own empire. These Dynasties could also add some new events like a birth of a baby girl in the family,...etc.

09-18-2017, 03:18 PM
I like the feedback from all of you!
and yeah i have played the 2205 title for around 4 hours and it didn't get me so i uninstalled and never looked back...

Dynasties could indeed be cute but it really should be a small part of the game.

I am all for diffrent climates with diffrent mechanics, i really liked the ecobalance from 2070 and the irrigation in 1404.
I adds complexity as well as atmosphere.

p.s. forgive my tremendous amount of typo's...

09-25-2017, 06:25 PM
I want to re-emphasize on the point about a global market influenced by total supply/demand and world events (disasters, elections, fluxing respect for each other). It's a concept that everyone understands and it would be nice if the NPC's were more engaging when dealing with product prices.
I wouldn't have easily come up with this idea if i got asked what bothered me while playing Anno. Reading about it in the post of OP reminded me that i didn't like the lack of engagement in that area.

10-04-2017, 03:35 PM
It should not only be the npc's wich go along with this.
You would not set a price on a good but more of a percentage above or below the base price.
for example the base price for fish is 5
you sell it standard for 3 and buy it standard for 7.
But (depending on what will trigger and affact the pricing of goods) o surplus happens you suddenly sell it for 1 and buy it for 3 (wich could be cheaper then producing it).
But then population increase and people don't build more fisch farms suddenly the prices raise to 10 sell 15 buy or so.
If you standard sell fish in your warehouse the evolution of prices would change their as well. You will just have some option of saying im gonna sell this fish cheap or i'm gonna sell it expensive.

10-04-2017, 04:09 PM
It would be challenging if prices would fluctuate, especially if that is randomized

10-04-2017, 11:51 PM
Three additional nice features in my opinion which haven't been mentioned in this thread:

1. Anno 1404: neutral NPC-buildings on your islands (Monastery, Academy, Assassins, etc.);
Those gave you some very useful but also unique abilities which felt quite rewarding.

2. Anno 1503: large variety of climate zones (arctic, subarctic, temperate, steppe, subtropic, tropic);
In every later Anno titles (excluding 2205) there were merely two different types of islands.

3. Anno 2205: citizens as workforce;
It always bothered me from a logical point of view that your citizens only consume goods and pay taxes but apparently they have no jobs. It does also add some depth to the game if you actually have to build small settlements for your miners and farmers and concentrate your sophisticated production buildings on your main island where you can provide them with skilled workers.

10-05-2017, 10:20 AM
I like the idea of prices fluctuating when you buy goods from NPC's, sometimes though this could be annoying, but I think it would still be cool.

Neutral Buildings from Anno 1404 were great, they really added to the atmosphere and feel, and added a bit of humour into the mix (Brother Hilarious). I would really love to see neutral powers again in Anno 1800.

In terms of the workforce per-island/per-world, there has been a lot more discussion about that in this thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1755195-Workers-from-2205-on-diffrent-islands).

10-06-2017, 07:41 PM
I think 3 climate zones would be a good balance.
You would still want diffrence on the diffrent climate zones themself.
If you would have 5 diffrent climate zones and diffrent fertellities then basicle every climate zone would always have the same fertelities and raw resources...
At that point the underwater plateaus from 2070 where a fabulous masterpiece but for obvious reasens not available for 1800.

I also agree with the neutral buildings, they game a great amount of amosphere with an incredible small amount of space.
And humour is off course something wich is very important. (cant wait for snobby reactions from upperclase nobleman types vs union types and vice versa)
Altough as for the trader ones make them more interesting cuzz they really offered next-to-nothing

10-10-2017, 12:35 PM
I actually really liked the building in 2205, the different zones as well. However as most people have pointed out, the oversimplification of logistics really hurt it. Static islands didn't help either. 2205 did several things very right, but changed the way it was played at such a fundamental level that it no longer felt like an Anno game. 2070 was by far my favorite.

My favorite idea as to how one might bridge the two, would be a system wherein an external trade route is established, the necessary quantity of ships are hired externally to passively maintain that trade route, perhaps with some creeping malus of pirate raiding you have to take care of not unlike the operation zones in 2205, while maintaining the 2070 map control. This time, instead of actually building fleets though, you hire on privateer fleets to do your work for you, seeing as any direct confrontation would not be permitted by the heads of states. Additionally, perhaps with a randome vent where things DO escalate and you are provided defense fleets from your nation, depending on tax revenues and populations sizes. Until then however, indirect action is how you deal with your rivals, much like another game I enjoy, Offworld Trading Company.

10-11-2017, 07:40 AM
Offworld is indeed a nice game i really like how the market works their and i would love to see something like that in an anno game!
But the ability to hire privateers (for both fighting or moving goods around) is actually a good idea.
Being able to set up trade routes with ships your enemy can't attack that easily because it isn't you.
This could also make ships a bit more expensive since you have to hire privateers first.

It could also rebalance the war a bit when your military fleet get's destroyed and you can't build a new one, altough i think pirates here would be the ones to provide a better alternative.
Overal anno games should provide more with gold, if you got money then you should be able to do lot's of things.

10-11-2017, 10:57 PM
The only problem with the more things for gold situation, is that depending on the scope of things you could buy, it probably could be exploited by human players. I can see people developing strategies that hinge on selling the most expensive good in the shortest amount of time, and using the money then finish the scenario/challenge. It could add an interesting dynamic.

Also for people that build large cities (like me), the money thing could very easily get out of hand when, for example in my current 2070 game, 1 million credits is a small amount of money.

I still think for challenges though it could give people a different strategy to explore as a way to complete the objective.

10-12-2017, 11:52 AM
Trade is lucrative just like in the real world.
But i agree on your part thet it could easily be exploited but that depends on how fast the market can respond when players are selling.
I also think that commonly the best way to make gold is by having people tax cuzz this also brings all the troubles from runing a bigger city with it so it should generally be the most rewarding as well.

Yet having alot of options to use your gold is also important so you have an actual reasen to be able to make alot of gold. Like in previous titles you could use gold to sabotage your enemy cities or organize strikes at enemys workforce I also hope there will be some positive sabotage where you could organize diplomatic missions wich would benefit other players and give you a relationship (or other) bonus a bit. But i also think this could be used like the example to hire private trade routes to lessen the power of naval superiority a bit. Also buying ships instead of building them was a feature in anno wich has never been very much used. I also found it ashame in 1404 and 2070 that the items had to be bought with honour/licences. In many things i understand this but generally items should be able to be bought and sold with gold. Perhaps IF they are gonna use factions , every faction would eb able to produce like the laboratory in 2070 some items and can then trade with them.
Perhaps gold could be used to permanent increase some production buildings with a higher maintenance cost. Or things like irrigation (item 1404) or restocking the mines automaticly but at a higher cost price. I think at no point in the game you should have the feeling thet you don't know what you can do with your gold. p.s. the pirate bribing from 1404 was an ideal way to make money more important until you had final peace with them. It also gave you the choice of doing so or fighting them. Perhaps giving gold to other players to achieve some things could also be nice.

10-12-2017, 12:29 PM
Unfortunately, due to the size of cities I usually build in my continuous games, I'm very often left with the feeling of what do with all the money I have. Just today, in my 2070 game, I think I spent like 2.5 mil credits randomising the items in Hiro Ebashi's warehouse just to find a couple of the items I wanted.