View Full Version : First experience with tournament modes... frustrating

09-01-2017, 06:08 PM
First of all, why does it have a premade banner for each player? Why do I even bother spending time on mine, when it's not even shown of at the perfect opportunity?

That aside, here is what happened:

Playing as Orochi
Round 1: vs Warden -> win 3 - 0
Round 2: vs Shinobi -> win 3 - 0
Round 3: vs Gladiator -> win 3 - 0
Quarter final: vs Centurion -> win 3 - 1
Semi final: vs Nobushi -> winning 2 - 0 -> disconnect -> lose

Reward I got for being kicked out of the semi finals for no reason:
One symbol for a class I haven't even recruited yet.

Nice. 1/10 wouldn't touch again.

This was my first and possibly my last go at this gamemode...

09-01-2017, 06:30 PM
Disconnects might be a problem which is why they should not have bent to people wanting tournament mode NOW when they had originally wanted to wait until they had the bug in the router fixed.

My own experience was

Round 1 vs centurion centurion quit before the end of the first round, finished against the bot.
Round 2 Bye (so another one gone)
Round 3 vs orochi 3-2
Quarters vs raider 3-0
Semis vs earlier orochi 2-0 Orochi quit or disconnect.I kind of think quit because he had resorted to spamming top lights or heavies, it didn't work but got scrappy enough I accidentally went light-light for the only time the whole tournament and he quit right after that.
Finals vs centurion 2-3 loss.

The only thing that really struck me as off was the wait I had between my first and second actual match but given I didn't play a duel I should have in that time that was waiting for another to finish.

People need to learn their mixups for when plan A doesn't work, I deflected the orochi's storm rush three times because he was stood there crouched and I was just sort of go on then release it, the raider went three top heavies in a row and that was just a matter of picking my moment with the third.

09-02-2017, 06:33 PM
My Centurion won the first round by whiffing an attack and then doing the same Combo twice. I learned from the first round. He did not. Check it out:


I like how much health I lost by a single lag in round 3. It just goes to show how insanely stupid this one centurion combo is.