View Full Version : Priorities

09-01-2017, 05:42 AM
I've clocked a lot of hours into this game. I enjoy it, even with all the unbalance and the bugs.

Lately tho, I'm getting really annoyed.
I come home after work, I only have time for a few matches. I just want to have some fun playing your game.
But I can't... Anti-Cheat, Session not ready, and the most annoying one, GAME FREEZING AFTER THE END OF MATCH!
Now, game freezing only happens in Dominion,
but unless I want to wait a half an hour for another game mode other than Duel/Brawl, it's Dominion.

Now you introduce Tournament to a game this unstable, for like the 2% of people (Correct me if I'm wrong about number),
who actually gives a sh** about it. I don't play a "Top Tier" hero that cheese on easy mode, and I don't use "Tech" exploit.

Priority please. Lets make it so I can, JUST, FU*****, PLAY your damn game that I paid $70 on, please.
Put everything on hold, and just make the game work.... all the flashy new hero and gear isn't helping when you can't even play.