View Full Version : Announcement Weekend Event - Extra Rewards from Named Enemies

08-31-2017, 05:19 PM


This weekend there will be an extra rewards event.
Agents will receive additional rewards for killing named enemies.

Note:Classified drops are not included in the extra reward pool.

Starts: September 1st 00:01 UTC
Ends: September 5th 07:01 UTC

Enjoy and see you in New York!

/ The Division Team

08-31-2017, 08:40 PM
I know this is not a response to this particular thread, but I just have one question. Are you guys releasing the masks to players in batches or is that already done and over with? I'm only asking because when the global event ended I was in tier one with the one mask and my friend who was in the no reward category got the tier-1 mask. If this is the case I'm just wondering why I wasn't awarded the tier 2 mask. Any help you could give me is greatly appreciated as I don't fully understand how these are being awarded. Thanks

09-01-2017, 12:18 AM
by exra rewards, you mean exotics to?

09-01-2017, 12:33 AM
"Note:Classified drops are not included in the extra reward pool."

So utterly useless loot only?

09-01-2017, 02:39 AM
Fine and useless for most veteran players as no extra exotic/classified drop chance. Still, keep checking your mathematics, when you go into the map this event is announced as "double reward" and 3 items is not the double of 2 items. Anyway thanks, finally got my tier 3 mask and cache.

09-04-2017, 02:18 PM
I hope the next one means extra and not less like this one, be glad when it is over, and i can farm classy again...

11-26-2017, 06:41 AM
So the thieves are brutally useless.

Goldenslot (https://goo.gl/rQCZ3M)