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08-31-2017, 02:27 PM
So first of all I must admit that I am a hardcore anno fan. I love the series and still play it today. My most favorite game is still Anno 1602 even so I first played 1503, then 1701 and then 1602.

I never played anno for its graphics even so it does look loveable, neither for professional multiplayer E-Sport or so. I prefer to play alone without other players. The main reason I like to play it is charm, atmosphere and relaxing. I love to watch my settlement and have my quite peace.

Many consider anno 1404 the best title so far. I do unfortunately not. What kills the game for me are these annoying messages from Richard, Al Zahir and (in the addon) Giacomo. From time to time they always tell useless stuff. It’s annoying for me. Sure in anno 1602 there were also messages like „your people want a church“, BUT they only appeared ONE SINGLE TIME and it was only sound (which you could delete) and no popping video. As far I know you could not disable them and after a while they said some things over and over again.

In Anno 2070 the beginning of a new game was worse. The AI robot treated me like a 6 year old child who has never played before and as far I know you could not disable the help either. But at least the end of the game was better with fewer messages.

But what also really annoyed me was a message if a production has stopped working. Do you really think I care about that tiny 5 gold maintenance if my woodcutter stopped working because my storage is full??? The game was so easy that I could easy have a very high maintenance even at the beginning of the game. I tried to make a 1404 mod with more challenge (for example fish production *3, fish consumption *4, much smaller storage) to prevent shipping it all over the map, so that you had to use more complex routes. The game was unplayable due to constant messages that storage was full. Sure I could also edit the game and give all storages super much capacity. In that case I would get the messages less often but that would make the game way too easy due to high storage. An option could be that buildings automatically shut down production once the storage is full and automatically start once it’s not full any longer but I fear that the game becomes too easy then.

Oh and dont forget to „refill“ the mines or the norias. Who thought that would be a good idea? Why can’t mines and norias refill themselves automatically? Why do I have to do that? I mean I dont have to refill corn on a farm or replan the AutoRoute on a ship after a while (I know you will add these new features just to annoy me :) ). The beginning of a new game isn’t so bad but later on it all adds together. At least I could give norais 99999 capacities with modding.

I know that the earlier anno games also had problems. Anno 1602 gold had these annoying messages if a trade route wasn’t working. If the island were very close together you could get zero goods on every second route „check your trades route“. Or who cares if an AI opponent creates a new ship if we are not at war. But you could just delete the sound file and you didnt get any messages. If a storage was full it just printed a text over the building with „storage full“ so you didnt get a message if you were at the other side of the map. Anno 1503 had these infamous videos to create a statue for you, but you could delete these videos.

Thats also the reason I disabled fire/pest in anno 1404. Not because the game was too hard but simply to reduce the amount of messages, bad thing I couldnt do the same in 2070.

Of course there are things I do like in anno 1404. I do like the ambient dialogues of people if I am near a city and hear people talk about trade or so. Even the dialogues from Richard are ok in a limited base (for example if I reach a new city level).

So that is my most desired wish for anno 1800. My second wish would be a harder gameplay but I thing I make a new topic for that)

I have no problem if these options/messages/help and so on is set on yes by default but please let me disable that. A option where I can active/deactivate messages like ambient dialogues (richard), stopped production, errors in trade routes, fire, starting help) or so on. In anno 1404 addon you could at least disable trade messages. Or release modding tools to disable that stuff or if you are against modding make a dlc with harder gameplay where all help is removed. If I make a mistake I want to get punished