View Full Version : Infinite Wall Splat

08-29-2017, 09:04 PM
Okay so, I was playing Highlander against a Centurion right? It was 2 to 2, final round. Being Highlander I do 1 heavy and 1 light attack, cent parries the heavy, does his face punching ******** and drains my stamina, then proceeds to punch me infinitely into a wall and gets free heavies due to wallsplat being a thing he can do with his low cost punch, my stamina keeps getting drained because of this, and for some reason, because "hitboxes" I am unable to dash away because I was in a small corner and he was blocking the only way out with his body, even though there was a sizeable gap that one would think they could walk through, so dashing away was not possible, nor was blocking or parrying or even rolling cuz i'm out of stamina. When are ANY of the changes we've been promised actually coming?