View Full Version : Trackmania Turbo: Missing really important blocks in classic editor.

08-28-2017, 05:11 PM

I am a recent player of Trackmania Turbo. I bought it on Steam a few days ago and I wanted to try the map editor. I recently figured out haow to activate the classic editor because the console editor is definitively not optimised for keyboard and mouse.
The problem is that there is a lot of missing blocks in the editor;
For example, I launched the Trackbuilder on every single environment on advanced mode and switched to Classic Trackbuilder. And I realised that there are block such as "basics" ones (normal track, turns, basic looping etc...) are missing. I looked in every single folders and I can't find them. I can't link any screenshot right now to show you, but the very first folder is the helicoper-related one (with helicoper screen, start ect...).
I don't understand why these blocks are missing, If someone could help me, it would be great.

Thanks for reading me.

P.S: Sorry for my english.