View Full Version : Gladiator stance!!!

08-28-2017, 01:21 AM
It seems to me or at the Gladiator indicator stand goes out much faster than the rest of the killers? I conducted a small study of the rate of change of the rack for other fighters and received the following results: a) Berserk - 00: 01.10 b) Shinobi - 00: 00.51 c) Peacekeeper - 00: 00.98 d) Orochi - 00: 00.98 e) The Gladiator - 00: 00.41 Therefore, in the mass battles, the gladiator looks very weak. If it is attacked by several opponents at the same time, the indicator of the rack has time to go out before you block the enemy's attack. Also, because of this, it is more difficult to make a deflect, since the indicator goes out before you make a dodge toward the impact being struck.Maybe I'm wrong, Maybe I need to raise the level of reaction, but it seems a little unrealistic.I am writing this is not the first time. Is it not so important?

08-28-2017, 02:02 AM
Are you referring to the guard indicator? I believe I reported something similar along those lines about the short time window of his guard indicators so hopefully we can hear back on it sometime soon.