View Full Version : For the love of God.

08-27-2017, 09:50 PM
Fix your ****ing game, I don't care what the **** it takes, I don't care who you have to talk to, or who you have to pay.

Fix your game, do it now. You don't deserve weekends, or holidays, or breaks, until you deliver a complete and finished game.

This awful, PoS, half-assed thing that you've concocted is probably the most innovative 3D fighting game ever created. It's literally a golden egg, it could be a game that outlasted many. What my friends and I call a 10 year game.

But every time, as per usual. Ubisoft comes up with a great idea, gives us some great gameplay and trailers, and then ****s us in the *** as soon as we hand over our money. You can consider me a former supporter, my friends have all gone to other more interesting pursuits, and here I am trying to shill for your ****ty *** game, trying to get more people into it, trying to help out the player base.

But guess what. When every 3rd game there's an error that pops me out of the lobby, that disconnects me in the middle of a game, or some class that didn't get enough balancing.

They quit, every last one of them. I've gotten maybe 25 or so people to play this game. Wanna know how many are left? ME. Just me. So you can go on twitch with your smiles and your new DLC characters and flash your shiny new toys at us and trick a few hundred players.

But when you lose 95% of your ****ing player base it's your ****ing fault, maybe next time you make something so glorious and amazing you'll put the extra mile into it instead of just shrugging your shoulders and releasing it.

Thanks again ubisoft for ****ing me in the ***.

08-27-2017, 09:55 PM
95% is a steam number only.