View Full Version : Apply Duel map changes into 4v4 modes?

08-27-2017, 01:46 PM
i like how the ledge cheese has been dampened in the duel set up.
(still would prefer if trap doors would not open at all)

so i was wondering if those kind of changes could be applied to the 4v4 modes as well?

in my opinion there are too many ledge and environmental kill opportunites like point C at Overwatch. those places are like a breeding ground for Warlords, Raiders and Lawbringers. I personally avoid even going near there but sometimes it cant be helped and it usually just ends up in a ledging competition.

i would rather actually fight people there and not just watch out for charging Lawbringers.

08-28-2017, 01:51 AM
I will forward your feedback to the team. However we made that decision to reduce environmental impact in duels because we decided duels should be more focused on individual player skill, as opposed to dominion which is a much more objective, team-orientated mode. And so we feel the environmental hazards adds more dimension to the objective and team strategy aspect of dominion. But there's always places for improvement, and we can look into it to see if removing/minimizing certain environmental factors will be better for gameplay.

08-28-2017, 01:55 AM
I kind of think it is ok as is in 4v4. I appreciate that has been fixed some in duels, I dislike feeling that the whole duel will come down to first cgb miss for four rounds, but in a team game I am very much in the anything goes mindset.