View Full Version : Matchmaking crap/ 4 players vs 2p+2 bots.

08-26-2017, 04:25 PM
We stardet to play 2p _ 2bots in EACH team.
After 2 min 2 players joined IN ONE team. and the game begins 4 players vs 2 players + 2 bots.
Where is logic?? Why the players didnt split on 2 teams? Why (if the are in party) u just not join them to balance in OTHER games?? WHERE IS THE LOGIC???

09-06-2017, 08:52 AM
This is just the iceberg's tip.

Try to fight those windmill blocking-all-directions-freaks that oviously never played another game than For Honor or use programmable gamepads. Not forget to mention that looking for players takes minimum 5 minutes and then you're gettin thrown into a match with dudes that got minimum 50 levels beyond yours.

They simply copy-pasted assassin's creed's matchmaking mechanic. Perhaps I'm too old for this quickfck, but I kinda like the circumstance, that this forum seems to get flamed by bullsh*t spam. As Ubisoft never was interested in serving the mass than to serve the freaking 20h/day players.

Ah and about the "play more" argument. My job isn't to play games the hell!! Wtf are you thinking? Making games for 15 years old and junkies? What's the plan? What's the solution here? Taking speed in my sparetime to be able to play the game with superreflexes, buy botsoftware or a gamepad that does the same thing? The hell.

You know why players that once bought games refuse to @EA and Ubisoft and steal them through torrents and all this crap?
Because one: Most announcements you state are promising, political-like advertising-BS and can't withstand first contact.
Two: Because Y.O.U D.O.N.T L.I.S.T.E.N to the mass of average players.

That's the one of two reasons Nosgoth went down, by just listening to the top 10 player's bored experience AND trying to make a freakshow-competition to win real money and thus luring players in that destroyed first the balance and then the community.

STOP making PVP games or FOR ONCE DO IT RIGHT.
1. Invest into a programmer that is able to handle the matchmaking catastrophe! I don't know what your gamedesigner is up to, but immo this system is bullsh*theaven for all those who have no life, a bot program or -gamepad.
2. Stop the bots immitating grieving players, that's the worst thing to make AIs immitate! You can report a player for grieving, but the bots are permanently doing so also. Oh and yes, playing with bots after several matchmaking fails that only cause anger and hate to rise inside someones mind. And that's totally HUMAN. Think about making games for human's pleasure not for BDSM lovers that love passing out while having a pillar in their a$$.
3. Stop try to behave like Blizzard or EA. Blizzard only survives because their players have a wow addiction and only live to pay the monthly fee once more. EA is growing its spider feeds with enormous afford while ignoring players and is only surviving, because a very long time ago they placed themselves between consoles and PCs, as well as sports and freaking WW-shooters and ..well even more trash shooters. Ubisoft has had Anno and.. Assassin's Creed*.. well at least some echo from it. And some sidekicks like Farcry and Division, that lacks of endgame content like 4Honor already does.

The only thing remains is brainless smashing, because of a content lack. Where's the innovative idea here? Where did the passionate devs go? And who ever wanted managers to decide about games?

Assassin's Creed*) Well at least until the only genious gamedesigner got fired because Ubisoft's boss manager didn't like him very much. Kinda ego-stuff, he didn't suck his balls as he's used to, grown-up-****-themes. Players will understand it or can go die. No it's a joke. His kind never cared about players, so they simply can go die if they don't like their godlike decisions. Well hold it! As long as they bought a copy of their latest crapgame before. It's just business you know you can't just die before answering the ~Call of Duty~ with a rain of money and xx likes, honoring persons that deserve the oposite. Such behaviour clearly shows that managers should be one of those group of ppl that really deserves death penalty. Because everything they care is what ruins lifes and what's their regular punishment.. getting their money and send them home with their mercedes. Sad story man that guys must feel real pain with this unfair, nasty treatment! Mh, well that's no frakking punishment, that is rewarding them for doing ********. That's where the market is sick.

So there's only one thing left to say...