View Full Version : Another defensive meta post

08-25-2017, 08:18 PM
I made this post in another thread that was unrelated, but I figure it might be worth its own thread for discussion. Not sure if these ideas have come up before, so sorry if its already been discussed:

A major problem that I see right now, is that guardbreak is too easy to counter and too punishing when landed. Its purpose as an actual guardbreak is negated because any half decent turtle will have no problem countering them. How to fix? Change guardbreak so its like a grab in any other fighting game. The timing would be extremely tight, to the point of almost needing to be read in order to counter, however it would only guarantee a light when landed, or allow you to re-position the opponent as usual to wallsplat and get a heavy. Lights and heavies would continue to interrupt the GB attempt, further encouraging offense. Orochi, Shinobi, Warden, and Peacekeeper will likely need their double lights and bleeds tuned down to not make them overpowered on GB, but otherwise the parry system could probably stay as it is, including characters that have specific parry punishes like law bringer. Not gonna mention Centurion since we already know he's absurd and needs retooling anyway.

I would also say changes to feints are needed- make it so that the feint is later in the animation, and make the feint input such that it will not commit the feint until after the parry timing window - that way you can't feint parry attempts on reaction. Currently, an enemy throws heavy at you and feints it, you throw heavy back for parry and feint it, and you are back to neutral. You were fooled into a parry, but could not be punished because you could feint your parry attempt on reaction. Make the feinting animations and inputs later, and now you have to commit to a parry attempt. That in combination with much higher chip damage on block (from ALL attacks, not just heavies), will pretty much eliminate the defensive meta in my mind. If anyone sees any holes in that, feel free to add.