View Full Version : Patch Note - Day 1

08-25-2017, 04:20 PM

Overall Game stability, audio, UI and localization have been improved.


The Skill Tree reset is now free.
Tactical Camera is now displaying Deployable Info Card like it does for heroes, enemies, etc.
The Bosses’ AI has been improved.
Some collision issues in exploration phase have been fixed.
Minor gameplay glitches have been fixed.


You can now select supported languages when you launch the game for the first time.
You can now select the story mode and the supported languages via the Main Menu.
You can now view the available Additional Contents (AOC) in the Main Menu.
Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese have been added in the supported languages.


2D weapons icons have been updated to fit with 3D models aspects.
Level of Details has been improved in exploration phase.
At the end of the combat, the reward board is now in 3D and feedbacks have been improved
Technics preview has been improved during battles.


One scene has been added after completing the main adventure
One scene has been added when the player has reached a 100% completion save and returned to Peach Castle