View Full Version : Orochi struggle - Chip damage & attacks that u cannot interrupt

GMG Peter
08-25-2017, 04:19 PM
Ok so I play orochi and even when I have my gear rating more than 170 the chip on heavy can kill me with whole Last portion of life.. And even from assassin class like berseker. That is not fun. And my second real struggle is that on every new and half of vanilla characters except shinoob i just cant interrupt their attacks even with my heaviest ones! So they just trade the hits and of course i die First, highlander is most anoying in this case - he have GIGANTIC sword and his lights are faster than my.. His heavies are also faster than my and he only need two heavy to shrink my HP to 15-20% and I need like 5+ heavys to get him. Wasnt orochi meant to be fast and agile?

PS: highlander is extremely anoying with his feints in group fights. That means when I don't have 100% HP he needs just two really fast heavys to kill me and u cannot interrupt his attacks - only with parry - which i dont know why is way more harder to make since there is a lot of lags, maybe because I am from czech and noone plays here

08-25-2017, 05:45 PM
Chip damage killing is a bug right now, its something they were apparently testing and it got left in unintentionally I guess. Supposed to be patched out soon I believe.

As for your other issues, I'm not sure what you're talking about, probably need a video to really see. Highlander heavies are certainly not faster than Orochi, but he does have uninterruptible properties late in his defensive stance heavies, so his swings will still land if you attack too late to interrupt. Otherwise Orochi has among the most powerful top heavies in the game for its speed. It should not take 5+ heavies to kill a highlander. At most it would be 4 without gear stats.