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08-25-2017, 02:13 AM
Wasn't PK's ZA patched at some point changing it from a Heavy to Light attribute, so they couldn't cancel it ?

08-25-2017, 02:22 AM
It was never about making it not able to be cancelled, it was about stopping them having the frame advantage when the first part of it was blocked.

Zone Attack first strike is now set up as a light attack to trigger an interrupt reaction on block.
Cancelling a blocked Zone attack while in Revenge will now force an exit of 600ms preventing you from attacking again.
[Bug Fix] Zone Attack UI indicator will now correctly start at the beginning of the animation instead of 100ms later.

Developer comments: In its current state, Peacekeeper’s Zone Attack has very low risk and very high reward even on block. Revenge also makes the Peacekeeper nearly unstoppable with the ability to repeat the Zone Attack cancel without Stamina penalty. With these changes the move is still a very good opener but will no longer give you a frame advantage on block. Fixing the UI stance indicator’s timing will also make the Zone Attack feel more consistent with its actual timing of 400ms. It will remain one of the fastest moves in the game but the fact that it is always coming from the same stance makes it manageable.