View Full Version : New Patch is terrible

08-25-2017, 12:25 AM
Never had a problem with this game apart from the odd disconnection which isn't worth complaining about but after the new patch , This happened all in the space of 30 minutes of me turning on the game after the update .

Match making not ready
Failed to match make
Game is full
Requirements not met
Three disconnects

After turning the application off and on three times and still having no luck I just give up and turned it off . I'll try again tomorrow and hope it gets better.

What made me have a little chuckle is my girlfriend said to me " babe is that another Ubisoft game? " .... yes babe yes it is how did you guess! considering she doesn't no nothing about playing games she sure does no about Ubisoft. Probably heard me moaning about a few of them , two steps forward three steps back .

Just let me no if anyone else is getting this problem thanks.