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08-24-2017, 09:46 PM
Please write South Park - The Fractured But Whole so,that I could run it on my computer.I have Lenovo G510 with Intel Pentium 3550M 2.3 GHZ processor,4 gb Ram,Intel HD graphics,win7 64 bit,directx 11.I enjoyed Stick of Truth,I want to enjoy this game too.Thanks a lot,I wish you good work.When will it be released?Greetings from Hungary!

10-22-2017, 01:33 PM
Stick of Truth could run on 4gb of ram, why not TFBW?

My computer is faster than yours, I have no problems running this game at full quality.

AMD quad core processor running at 3.0GHZ
and Windows 10 64bit

yet even on occasions I have some studdering here and there, not very frequent though.

I was wondering if Ubisoft sees this they can improve the performance of this game? My friend has 8GB RAM 2GB VRAM and an i7 processor and he cannot run this game! IT IS TOO LAGGY FOR HIM! He hates it and so do I as I bought this for him for his birthday.............. even though he meets the recommended requirements. Its crazy. Its just construction paper graphics........ why do people need such a beefy computer to run this game? Skyrim had better graphics and was a really big map also but even that could run on a 32 bit machine! Its just crazy.... it doesn't make so much sense to me. While I am enjoying the game, I find it unfair others cannot play--those who were able to play Stick Of Truth, can't play The Fractured But Whole and this makes no sense to me and seems very unfair. The requirements should be the same as Stick Of Truth... and that's how I feel about it.