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08-24-2017, 06:13 PM
This game altough old, but for me, it's really good game. From impressive fighting mechanic, crafting mechanic, animation, and also hunting mechanic were really good (but air assassinate bunny, well it's quite funny for me). But this game has so much potential to become the best game.

I have suggestion for you devs, to make this game become really great, and if you devs wanna take this suggestion, you can make this as final update or DLC for Assassin's Creed 3.

1. Basic Needs Idea
Well Connor Kenway are really quite scary assassin, but he still human. And human need drink, eat, sleep, and can get a sick. How about you guys make Connor have to eat and drink every once a day? that would be great. And you can make him carry atleast 3 types of food, and drink. And, if Connor on the city or village, you can make connor buy a food and drinks on tavern.
And also make him can cook a raw meat, and collect water on river. How to cook? well build a campfire, or on the kitchen in homestead. And for cooking ingredient, you guys already make crafting recipe for food, and drinks. Add some animation for eating and drinkin as well.

2. Hire a room on tavern
Connor need sleep too, right? so you guys can make connor sleep on bed. And add ability, that connor can hire a room on tavern, so he can sleep. And also make connor can sit on any chairs on taverns.

3. Campfire idea
How about if he's on forrest? Well you guys should add ability to make campfire, and also sit on campfire. So not only he can sleep, but also take a chill on campfire. But, how he can make a campfire, just add 1 campfire tools, and woods for making fire on connor inventory. To get the wood, you guys can make him buy woods on homestead.

4. Assassanation Mission
Well in this game, it has so little assassanation mission. Well you guys might add some missions, like killing Templar Officer on fort with poison, or intercept Templar convoy. You guys might add custom assassanation mission too. So, player can make their own mission, and can share those mission through online. And let player can add some reward for their custom mission, like money, and crafting item's.

5. Notoriety
Well tear down posters, and bribe people, will not make those people forget your face in matter of a second (except those for bribing the printing, well it might actually work, but not in a matter of second).
So I suggest, you should make connor either bribe or kill those man in charge fo town criers, or bribe the printing. And after that, those notoriety will be gone in one days, or two, so he should find either tavern for hiding while waiting notoriety goes down, or get out from the city atleast one day to wait those notoriety are down if the notoriety goes up to 3 notoriety. And dont make notoriety goes up really fast. Just make like, killing 8 guards in one day, will increase to 1 notoriety, 16 guards to 2 notoriety, and 24 guards to 3 notoriety.

6. Assassin's Recruit
Well you guys also can add assassin's recruit mechanic from Assasssin's Creed Revelation. And also, building a fleet for creed, like build from gunboat, to Man of war. For build a ship, you'll need materials, like example, if you wanna build schooner for your assassins, you should have 8 cannons, 2 shipsails, 40 woods, and etc,. You might also can add ability to maintain each ship that we have, and in order to do that, you have to use your material in order to maintain each ships. And what's the fucntion for these ships? Well not only for escort tradings, but also raid other traiding, and if the player want's to defend their own naval trade convoy, those ship that build, can become like our bodyguard.

7. Trade Convoy
Well when we trade to other cities, our trade convoy, can get attacked. It's really impressive, but after you defeating all those forts, well those attack were not happened again. So, you can like make bandit attacks those player trade convoy instead redcoat's. And also for naval trading, add pirate attacks on player trading convoy ships, so player can defend those convoy. And for those who don't wanna get attacked, add ability to buy escort. Like if you want to naval trading, either you can hired privateer to escort your trading ship, mercenaries for land trading convoy, or get your assassin's to escort your land or naval trading convoy.

Well I think that's it for the suggestion for Assassin's Creed 3. I hope you devs can consider this suggestion, and if you wanna use this suggestion to implemented to other games, well you can do that (since you are the developer).

So what you think about this suggestion guys and devs? you can comment whatever you want :D:D:D

P.S : Sorry, English is not my native language :) (Please don't sue me)

08-24-2017, 11:03 PM
They are all very good ideas.... definitely some things that would be good in any AC game :)

09-09-2017, 04:36 PM
Well thanks. I just really hope they implented to all assassin's creed.

09-09-2017, 04:38 PM
But still this cost a lot of time to make. But, i'm just really sure, if they make this system implented to Assassin's Creed game, it will be the best game. I just really hope, they implemented this idea to Assassin's Creed Origins.