View Full Version : What new fresh "hell" is this!

08-23-2017, 11:23 PM
So here I am again, is it to ask positive questions? maybe like the best stratagies for deploying troops? NO!! As I have stated recently, the server issue very well could be the death of this awesome game, which would be sad, I also mentioned on the feedback forum that maybe instead of adding new toon and neat'o armor that they should correct the horendus sever issue, well they have put out 2 new toons and obviously slamed them out with minimal quality control, the Highlander for instance, his graphics are B at best, for god sakes....he looks like he stole his beard from a Ken doll, (that'll piss Barbie off) and the Gladiator's exacution graphics are very sloppy, not to mention that when you see them coming in to battle they appear to riding skate boards, atleast the Centurion and Shinobi were pretty well done, they look good, their animation is well done and the have great exacutions, very tight, well done on that Ubisoft, but....the sever still sucks @55, and now when I get punted from a match I may have to deal with rebooting the game because I'll get the message that "Matchmaking is not ready" (the new fresh "hell") and it doesn't reset unless you reboot the game.


08-24-2017, 12:32 AM
Hello Squatchdog1 - I appreciate you're frustrated by the recent matchmaking bug, and understandably so. Which is why we rushed to get it fixed, and it's being hotfixed (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1731656-MAINTENANCE-Aug-23rd-2017-1-12-Hotfix) tomorrow.

As for the connection issues, we're still working on transitioning to Dedicated servers, but we've also seen a big improvement in stability with the changes we've made recently. We know there are still connection problems to be solved and hopefully between the recent P2P improvements and our move to DS, this will be fixed for you in one way or another.

And I'll make a note of your feedback about the Gladiator's and Highlander's visuals to the team.