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08-23-2017, 01:25 PM
Hello Anno team!

I could not be happier with the news about the release of Anno 1800! Iīm a hardcore fan of the franchise and I would like to give some ideas of things I consider important!

- It would be great if thereīs a bigger variety in the amount of residential buildings models for each population level. Anno 2205 didnīt include enough variety of models for each residential class and the cities ended up looking too homogenic and un-realistic. I think the 6x6 residential buildings included in Anno 2205 was an amazing idea because it gave diversity to the look of the city, and I hope this can be preserved in the new Anno 1800 in one way or another.

- In Anno 1404 and Anno 2070, when building farms, it was possible to slightly separate the fields from the farm building, which enabled us players to create more intrincate layouts with roads and paths, and gave the cities a much more organic and beautiful feel. This was not possible in the last Anno game and it would be great if we could have more freedom when creating our production areas again.

- A great idea in Anno 2205 was that parks and green areas could be placed together so the tiles would automatically join, allowing us to make beautiful and customized parks outside of the traditional 3x3 or 6x6 layout. I hope this could be implemented too and also that a much bigger amount of decoration elements is included, together with trees and vegetation, because that helped the cities looking more realistic, organic and beautiful.

- I think an amazing way of making the game more complex would be to create a bigger variety of each product. Just as an example, if we get to build fruit farms, it would be great to have the option to grow different types of fruits (even if the main building is the same), like oranges, apples, or peaches. While all these different fruits would satisfy the same population need (fruit), it would allow to produce more complex stuff in other tiers, like different types of jams, or different types of wines, and this variety could affect the luxury needs. This could be applied to other goods like vegetables, clothes or perfumes (maybe by growing different types of flowers), and the new seeds with different levels of rarity could be obtained from expeditions, as shown in one of the new videos when discovering exotic animals, improving the reputation of the city and itīs productions.

These are just some ideas which I hope you can find handy. Iīm thrilled about this new game and cannot wait for new updates in the Anno Union.
Warmest regards!

08-23-2017, 08:35 PM
I like the idea of multi-resource buildings, but I have another suggestion, you should be able to build trading posts on certain islands, allowing to unlock certain resources. Eg: Coca beans can be made into raw choclate at a traing post island before being sent to a confectionary store in your main island or Gold could be transported to a trading post island to be made into jewerally and sold at jewellers, but there can only be one out of maybe five items you can choose (maybe unlocks two more slots if you upgrade outpost)

08-24-2017, 01:07 AM
To the second point, the farm buildings with their fields: I hope it will be like Anno 1602. Every field of the farm building has size 1x1 and joins with adjacent fields. This would allow a much more pleasent view. The 4min ingame trailer shows the plantages and it looks like bluebyte chose the 1x1 sized fields.

08-25-2017, 07:52 AM
Maybe let people select from a number of farms in different sizes in the same category. For example: a standard Farm (3 fields), superior farm (6 fields), mega farm (10 fields).

But also make it possible to select their appearance, from a number of buildings in a tap. For example: 10 different mills, all doing the same, but another appearance. Or make them do slightly different things. Like Mill A being faster, but doing a lower quantity of whatever.

Since technology is shifting rapidly in the 1800s, make it a mix of old and new. Different buildings doing the same thing, depending on your level.

08-26-2017, 07:58 PM
The multiple resource idea is interesting, but I'd really like to see a change in the main satisfaction system. In 1602, you typically didn't need to produce every single goods of any one tier before advancing. So at citizen tier you needed to fulfill 2 of the 3 new needs in order to advance, and one of those 3 (Liquor) could be produced from 2 different sources with separate production chains. Same with food, as there were many food sources, but they all produced the same end product. This meant that your aristocrats wouldn't torch the entire city if you couldn't supply them with fish to go with their cocoa and tobacco.
So to go with your multiple resource idea, I think perhaps the population shouldn't always demand specific goods, but rather an increasing diversity, giving more freedom to the player to choose what best suits them at the time. Of course high tier citizens should still require more refined products, not just a diversity of cheap wares.

08-30-2017, 07:56 PM
Well well, we are back to the steam ages. What could be delightful to have in this new Anno game.

-Coming back to the system of tonne goods is great. That will make Anno complex again in some kind of way. It could be nice if we can have new islands, big ones where you could place different settlements (that would count as different islands in the old fashion anno games) so they would have different storage areas and could be connected by land (train?).

-The idea of the expeditions is great. Not only to have new animals for the zoo but also this could be the door to some goods that will bring a bonus to the happiness/income although they cannot be produced in the region of the map. This will make that some "Far trade ships" could be developed and built to bring these goods from afar. They could be directly consumed or they could be refined in the islands of the map to have the goods themselves. Examples as chocolate from cocoa beans or tobacco from tobacco leafs. The control of this routes (military, monopoly) could make a difference between players and/or AI. Being able to set an expedition in the Anno 1404 fashion or in a more "regular trade route" could be great.

-Passengers! People! Tourism! In some kind of way coal and the steam engine created the tourism as such. Before that, travelling was long, and then it became easier thanks to the train and the steam boat. This tourism could be a value able to create income or "culture" in other game's terms. We could set the passenger's boats as tourism "expeditions line". Buildings as museums, monuments, even the "great exhibitions" we have seen in the trailer could be booster of tourism able to grant the player with new technology, income, or products.

In this line, a great thing that could be created is a boat but huge, a great boat built by stages like a monument in a "Titanic" fashion, a boat able to give a great tourism income or something alike.
In the same line of the tourism, expeditions could bring some items to be placed in museums to boost the cities in some ways, they could be "expeditions" to retrieve artifacts or "cultural trips" to retrieve art pieces or alike. Archaeology is also developed historically thanks to steam and so, discovering dinosaurs, Egyptian relics came through the XIX century. A museum devoted to this could be great too.

-Social politics, another grasp given by the developers. It would be great to see this in action, to have discussions, to enact laws or similar, to improve production or social rights, happiness or so. Even a monument to be build could be a great parliament or senate.

For the time being that is all that came to my mind.

Ready to hear more from you

09-01-2017, 03:34 PM
Suggestion to develop team

1-) It will be good if new Anno 1800 allow the use of advanced AI controlled trade route like in Anno 2205 that could be switched off any time to use manual trade route management,

AI control will let the player focus on the big picture rather than micromanagement,

2-) it will be very good idea if the div team implement complex transport options which allow inhabitant to move between work and home,

3) NPC or residence management with text clouds showing status in the city could be good option

4) game specific language similar to simcity