View Full Version : Mario + Rabbids Character Guide: Rabbid Peach

08-22-2017, 05:18 PM
Easily bored and sassy, Rabbid Peach is a fighter princess. She is convinced that she is the most beautiful and fearsome hero on the battlefield, and she never misses an occasion to take a selfie, even in the direst situations. This combative hero is also a proficient healer in the battle, while always keeping an eye on her beloved Mario.




BLASTER: Just like her beloved Mario, Rabbid Peach uses a blaster, which grants them mid-range reach and enables them to shoot individual enemies who are not under full cover.
SENTRY: The Secondary Weapon unlocked by Rabbid Peach is an autonomous moving mine with its own health, which moves towards the targeted enemies and explodes once it has reached them, dealing heavy zone damage. No matter how far they run, the Sentry will never lose track of them!
HEAL: Rabbid Peach fights fiercely against her enemies, but she also cares deeply about her allies. With her Heal ability, she can restore a great percentage of health to all nearby heroes.
SHIELD: As a healing hero, Rabbid Peach needs protection more than anyone, as she might be the priority target that the enemy will try to take down at all costs. Fortunately, she can count on her Shield ability, which drastically absorbs enemy damage during one turn.

DOUBLE DASH: Rabbid Peach has a special movement ability that enables her to dash two different enemies in a row while moving, which is especially useful when enemies band together.

Tips and Tricks:

SENTRY – DEFENSE STRATEGY: Not only does the Sentry deal strong damage among the enemy’s troops, but it can also make a very good decoy. When released, the Sentry will activate all the reaction abilities of your enemies, opening a safe path for all of your heroes.
HEAL X HEALING JUMP: Contrary to appearances, Rabbid Peach and Peach are a very good match in terms of healing combos. After Rabbid Peach gets closer to the other heroes and uses her Heal technique, Peach can Team Jump with her and land near everyone, activating her Healing Jump technique that will restore even more health.
ITCHY FEET X DOUBLE DASH X SENTRY: Sometimes, enemies are able to activate Outer Shell, a defensive ability that nullifies the damage of the first/next attack launched at them. To counter this ability, Luigi can enhance Rabbid Peach’s movement with Itchy Feet, enabling her to break through the defense of the enemy and double dash them, breaking their Outer Shells, and then get back to her initial covered position to shoot them properly or send a Sentry at them.
SENTRY X MAGNET DANCE: Rabbid Mario can use Magnet Dance to attract the covered enemies and have them gather in the same area. Once done, Rabbid Peach can launch her Sentry, which will clean the path.