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08-22-2017, 01:41 PM
Well, thought I would own up to my own newbile stupidity in my first complaints on this forum.
I been at this game non-stop for almost three months maybe.
I should have probably known to wait longer to think I knew what I was talking about, this game has a long learning curve.

In my mind I knew there was still plenty of learning ahead, but I thought somethings about characters in the game were unavoidable to learn to combat against.
Like a lot of people on this forum, I was dead wrong.

I'd like to apologize to both Ubisoft and kweassa1 for going into a hissy fit in my complaints quite a bit a while back on here.

The longer I play, the less any character feels like they have an unfair advantage over me.
Yes, ANY.

And... this is me playing all three months with literally just Orochi, my love.
I have literally never played an online match with any other character.

Please don't laugh at that, the whole reason I bought this game was when a buddy of mine at work told me I could run around online with a freaking katana!
I have no interest in a character that isn't wielding my lifetime love affair with the katana sword, and I didn't like the looks of the bigger Vanguard option of Kensei.

Back on point, I realized a big factor I was over looking in regards to the Centurion argument that I haven't seen discussed in any of the arguments on here.
I realized this yesterday when someone posted a complaint thread about Centurion with a video, and I responded in support while knowing in my head that I was half wrong.
Sorry for that too, dumb I know.

What I realized is, because I was having so much success with Centurion until I got stunned, and that other people talk about how not to panic when this happens...
Well, I was trying that forever and still could not do anything in the stunned state...

Then the dumbest over sight finally hit me.
I wonder how many people that complain about his too have over looked this.

I haven't seen it brought into the many arguments on the subject I have seen.

But I was sacrificing that stat.
I have a 180 gear score...
I was sacrificing that stat as low as you can go.

I cranked it to the max.
Now I can do anything in the stunned state...
You just ignore the white out screen for a few moments, soon as you get a move going it fades fast with debuff resistance cranked.
And you can get a move going, with it cranked despite being stunned, duh...

The dumbest thing is that part of me knew this all along too, but I didn't think it would make that much of a difference and didn't want to sacrifice other stats.
I finally cranked it, and adjusted my gear to compensate because it makes all the difference in the world against Centurion and so many other characters of course.

As I've watched the arguments, and kweassa1's very detailed, animated, and relentless posting...
Part of me knew who was probably pretty right, and that I could practice and learn and deal with these things.

Then I realized that his relentless posting and frustration with the mass opinion on this is completely understandable and justifiable.
It comes from his love and passion for the game I'm sure...
Not wanting Ubisoft to ruin the diversity of the game and water down it's potential to more user friendly to the masses who don't want to put in the effort and patience to become elite players in a highly intricate mechanical game.
If we do that, then the game could never be as great as it is, and can further become.

I want you guys to think about this as well.
If you loved the game as much as many of us do, and you understood this, would you not become frustrated, cynical, and demeaning in your interactions with those trying to water down the very core of things that make this game so great?

I certainly would, it's human nature.
The longer I've played the game, the more I realized the masses on this forum are wrong.

In my first interaction on this forum with you kweassa1 I was disgusted.
It didn't take long for me to realize where you were coming from as I played this game constantly and checked in once in a while, seen a lot of your arguments and started to realize where you were coming from.

Again bro, I am sorry.
I was still a dumb noob, and I thought I was past that stage.
I'm finally getting there a bit now.

I've been addicted and loving this game from the start.
I had nothing but praise for it in most of my initial posting.

But just wanted to make right for the one big complaint post I had in my development.
Think I'll just keep practicing and learning for quite a lot longer before I make that mistake again.

Thanks for those that read.

08-22-2017, 01:54 PM
Just to further clarify on the mechanics of what I mean.
I could block, parry, and dodge with the best of them until I got stunned.

Then when I cranked my debuff resistance, well duh...
Now I can block, parry, and dodge WHILE I'M STUNNED!

Somebody just hit me with a ******ed stick already.

08-22-2017, 02:05 PM
Respect level: God tier

08-24-2017, 02:40 AM

Proud of you - I think we can all expect great things from you on the battlefield warrior. :)

08-24-2017, 03:05 AM
Introspection and humility are unfortunately rare traits, especially on the internet, I'll don mah glass to that laddy!

Also, I'm sure you already know probably better than me, but I've been having great success (wawawewah) using rip tide strike against kicky cents or overly aggressive gladiators, hitem with a few of those and then you can get closer and feint heavies into double top lights a bit easier. So funny watching cents go to kick and get walloped on the noggin a few times in a row till they stop or run away... it's like watching someone slowly put their hand in a mouse trap repeatedly until it finally sinks in!

08-25-2017, 01:24 PM
Yeah, Riptide Strike is how I top Parry all the time.
Seems to have a bigger window to me, or it's just that side blocking is all messed up for Assassins right now.

It is funny, after a Centurion your facing realizes he's not just going to be able to leap into you and put you down...
They start to get frozen against you one on one, stand there and wait for you to move, which gives you multiple options to open them up...
Or they start running away, lol.

08-25-2017, 09:13 PM
I take my imaginary hat off for you my friend. I wish we could sticky this and make it so that you have to read this through before being able to post on this forum. That would ease our eyes and Ubisoft's job on this forum :D I have the utmost respect for you!

08-25-2017, 09:25 PM
As the others said, huge respect to you. And yeah I have noticed that a few times lol, there are people who main him, and it is the same with a bunch of characters, who only learn the main go to combination, shut it down and they struggle pretty badly.