View Full Version : nerf parry and a little buff in the game

08-22-2017, 12:18 PM
I think the parry should stay as in the PTS, but at these conditions:

1) Parry made to light attacks, remove stamina dpending on the SPEED of the light' attacks (for example, a PK light is faster than a shugoki light so you will lose more stamina if is parried).

2) There are counterattakcs after the parry that are too strong (for example, that of the centurion, or the warlord), these should be reduced to the level of damage to the stamina they inflict, so that more equilibrate the heroes in the defensive phase.

3) Parry heavy attacks should not remove stamina, but at least guarantee the GB (as if you fail a parry risk to suffer a lot of damage).

Finally, as with the current 25 HP regen when you are near of death, many heroes with this parry nerf would struggle to end an enemy because the dmg block does not kill, there are two options:
1- slow the regeneration process at 20 seconds.
2- Reduce the regeneration value by lowering it to 15.

*What do you think of these options?