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08-22-2017, 07:41 AM
Wassup For Honor dev team, I've played For Honor since closed beta and i love it, but theres some cosmetic customization i was curious about.

1) Have you guys considered addind weapon materials? It always bothered me that i was a silver lawbringer running around with a golden weapon. Also, for the pieces of weapons that are colored, it would be cool if we could choose what color that was ex. Lawbringer's pole axe shaft or kensei's nodachi handle(remaining in the correct color wheel for offense and defense team colors).

2) On the subject of armor engravings, the area in which the engraving cobers on the armor pieces they are applied to could use a look over. For example, on the the lawbringer's darosh chest piece, the pattern engravings such as paisley 2 and caltrops only cover up to 3/4's of back leaving the lower section of the armor bare. Another example is the darosh arms in which a very small section of the shoulder is covered in the engraving leaving the rest bare and resulting in the engraving being basically unnoticeable.

3) Lastly, awhile back i had the idea of a shader customizer, in addition to the preset shaders given. It would obviously have to limit players to certain colors for offense and defense, but for neutral players could go wild. Perhaps make it a max rep reward? That would give me a ****-load of incentive to get to max rep.

That's all for now tho. See you guys next Warrior's den 👍

P.S. Add a last-man-standing game mode where every player fights for themself. It would allow me to get more use out of my neutral color loadouts. NO POWER-UPS IN THIS ONE EITHER

Okay, I'm done

08-22-2017, 02:41 PM
All of these are great ideas,
Having a weapon colour would be great as would having the option to colour different parts of the armour different unlocked armour colours, something I've been hoping to see for a while now.

I also have the same issue with the engravings myself, sort of limits the options to engraved single piece symbols a lot of the time because the patterned ones just look poor and dodgy.

Also having a max rep choose your own colour shader would be way way way too awesome,
I'd have to max that rep ASAP across at least five characters to get that option.

08-24-2017, 04:30 AM
Glad to see someone agrees. We havemt heard much about cosmetic changes so i decided to put it out there if by chance the devs see it and put it on the warrior's den haha