View Full Version : Peri! || Spit-balling Ideas on Reworking Warden

08-21-2017, 10:00 PM
Just felt like venting some creative energy and considering what a possible Warden rework/tuning might look like. I stayed away from adding outright new moves as I don't get the impression the developers are enthusiastic about the idea, much as I'd like to see a mordhau strike added.

Proposed changes for Warden.

Shoulder Bash

Speed increased to 600ms for uncharged SB.
Slightly improved tracking on charged SB.
Speed increased to 900ms for charged SB.
Charged SB now guarantees a side heavy instead of a top heavy, barring a wallsplat.
Side heavies can be soft feinted into SB.
Soft feint into GB removed.

Commentary: In my opinion, the soft feint into GB is staying the devs' hand from playing too much with Warden's kit. By removing the vortex, this alleviates the grief many players have combatting the infamous 'fifteh fifteh' and instead repurposes the bash to be in line with other unblockable attacks. The charged version can still catch an early dodge out and the bash can still be feinted altogether to bait a reaction. Allowing the soft feint into SB not only grants the Warden a means of getting into his SB without a light or a dash, it gives him a heavy mixup as well, which until now he has gone without.

Zone Attack

Is now safe on block.

Commentary: This attack demands half of your stamina and does as much damage as a Kensei top light attack, while also giving your opponent a free GB for blocking it. When flicker is inevitably fixed, this move will never see use ever again against a competent player. Making it safe on block will allow Warden to poke and be more aggressive.

Crushing Counterstrike

Speed increased slightly to make it unparriable by assassins.

Commentary: Plain and simple. While difficult to do and cool to see, you shouldn't be able to punish the punish.

This is in no way a definitive list and it's probably not the best by any means, just wanted to get some thoughts out there on how Warden could still be changed up. Would love to hear some other thoughts and/or discussion!