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08-21-2017, 07:01 PM
There are many issues within For Honor. Whether it is a balance issue, connection issue, matchmaking issue, they all matter and they all have their place.

One thing I have not seen too many people comment on however are the lackluster game modes.

Currently we have:

(The occasional Event)

I don't necessarily think any of these should get removed, they all offer a unique type of gameplay. I do think each of them need some major tweaks but that is not what I wanted to discuss.

I really think For Honor needs more game modes. There are plenty of game modes which focus on just killing you opponents, but we have no TRUE objective game modes. Yes, Dominion is an objective game mode... however I do not think it plays out well. Very rarely are the teams really focused and determined to take objectives. The majority of the time players are just running around killing each other. What I am talking about is an objective game mode where you CAN'T win if you ignore them.

The current came modes are very shallow and lack any sort of depth. I think For Honor would THRIVE with a true objective game mode. Let me make an example so you know what I mean (I'm not saying this is EXACTLY what is needed, it is just an example). 4v4 Game mode. There are attackers and defenders. The ultimate goal of the attackers is to break into the enemy castle. In order to do this there are several objectives that need to be addressed. (none of these things break any of the game mechanics and would not require much to be added to the game besides some basic interactions)

The first objective: The attackers need to destroy a siege weapon which is attacking your army. The four players would need to get into proximity of the siege weapon, and destroy it. Defenders would have to rally around this objective to protect it. Once this weapon was destroyed, a new objective opens up.

The second objective: The attackers must capture, and hold the castle wall for a certain period of time. This "zone" would act just like a zone in dominion. The team would capture if after standing in it for a time period. There can even be more than one of these zones the attackers need to hold at the same time. If they accomplish this, they would move to the third and final objective.

The third objective: The attackers must infiltrate the castle and open the gate. Since they took the top of the wall, no enemy solders are shooting down at your army, and you need to get the gate open. There would be a lever that would open the gate, that takes 30 seconds of continuous use to finally open the gate. Attackers must have a player on this lever while the other defend them. Defenders must prevent this at all costs. If the attackers open it, they win.

At any point in this process if the attackers cannot compete an objective within a certain time frame they lose.

I really think something like this would bolster For Honor in a BIG BIG way. The game lacks any sort of depth in the game modes. This would really make players feel like they were working towards something more than killing others or very loose objectives. This is obviously just an example, and should not be taken literally. It is just a proof of concept that a game mode like this could very easily be implemented. I don't know, maybe I'm really thinking too much here but I think this may breath life back into the game.

08-21-2017, 07:19 PM
They are dropping a new 4v4 mode (completely new, not a variation like realistic dominion) in season 4, so it will be interesting to see what they have come up with.

08-21-2017, 08:20 PM
I want a new coop mode, Something like going through a map fighting off harder and harder ai ect, somthing to stop the raging, pvp induces anger, coop could be fun, and help the game

08-21-2017, 08:21 PM
I agree! Can't wait to see what they bring in season 4. I've said all along I don't really feel like factions matter too much and I want them to outside the factions war. What about a real "faction battle"? A 3 team game mode where whatever team your on locks you into using that factions heroes. I don't know how that would work or how to get it balanced and whatnot but I would love if we actually had teams made up of Vikings vs knights vs samurais. This game is all about those three factions fighting each other yet on multiplayer it means nothing besides maybe getting rewards for the faction war. I want to know who the best warriors belong to!

Or maybe second best since the Vikings are the clear victors lol. For Valhalla!