View Full Version : Small feedback on all DLC heroes + suggestion how to balance

08-21-2017, 03:49 PM
- take away wall splash on not fully charged jabs - if a fully charged jab hits you in direction of a wall, you will hit the wall if not you fall down
- reduce his basic heavy speed from 600ms to 700ms or the dmg from 25 to 20
- fix his stamina mangement and (stamina dmg shouldn't be a problem if jab doesn't wallsplatt anymore)
- reduce the window, where centurion can cancel charged heavy into GB (srsly this is ridiculous)

apply those changes => Centurion balanced

Shinobi, is pretty much balanced in my opinion, a squishy but really strong char - hard to master but rewards greatly

Highlander, pretty good balanced.
But i think the Offense mode light and defense mode light needs to be switched (thats just my opinon - because the counter is pretty abusive)

- Reduce his Dash attack dmg ... 20 dmg for a 500ms attack ... All vanilla heroes have balanced dash attack, valks dashs are as fast as Gladiatior but only deal 15 dmg (faster but weaker), Berserker and Orochis are slower but deal abit more dmg (600ms - 17 dmg
- all direction basic heavies 700ms with 30 dmg? - reduce at least basic side heavies to 25 dmg.
the only heroes with a basic heavy that is 700ms fast and deals 30 + dmg are Orochi(700ms top heavy - 35dmg) and kensei(700ms top heavy - 30 dmg), and those 2 heroes need it.
But Gladiation has many tools - he is great in mix ups, has some melee attacks and 2 unblockables, bleed, the greatest defelct in the game (bleed + throw), an ability for higher stamina, stamina regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Gladiatior is in a great spot but, being a mix up monster and having good dmg and speed is abit to much.