View Full Version : A fix... when? UBISOST READ

08-21-2017, 11:57 AM
Bad Eng. warning.

The season 3 patch destroyed the entire game. Lag, input lag with controller, performance issues and the worst matchmaking by far. A week has passed and the situation has not changed.
So, when you are going to fix all this?
A week, seven (7) days and the game is still unplayable, i bought the season pass and i'm not able to play with the new heroes. For months FH has had 1500 active players, now we have 4500 and you're doing everything to make it go back to being a dying game.

08-21-2017, 01:29 PM
While i think Ubisoft has done a pathetic job with For Honor since launch demanding a fix within a week is virtually impossible. A week is not even enough time to narrow down on the issues let alone fix them. To give you some more insight; if players ask for a centurion nerf you have to look at EVERYTHING, simply nerfing certain attacks or changing variables is seldom an effective fix.

(Note that when i say Ubisoft i mean it as an overarching company, not necessairily directed at the devs in charge right now as i'm sure they're working their butts off, and honestly i think they're doing quite)