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08-21-2017, 05:39 AM
I have been a loyal AC fan since game one, probably like alot of fans on here. I have pre-ordered since revelations, purchased every dlc released, upped the anty for the collectors editions a couple of years and gobbled up as much AC memorabilia that I could get my hands on. Action figures, books, clothes, jewelry, posters and on and on. Why? Because I was hooked from the beginning. AC 1 although slow at times kept me intrigued trying to figure out just what was going on until the very end. Then 2 came out and like many others I was in awe of the masterpiece that played out before me. Everything was/is (in my opinion) perfect. The graphics phenomenal, the animations beyond believable, voice acting that seethed with the proper emotion of the moment. It was an adventure game that was also a history lesson and mini virtual vacation all wrapped up into one epic game. And it was all capped off by a narrative/storyline that was gripping and kept me beyond interested. Character development and interaction with other characters that kept me invested in playing out every scenario. This was/is my ultimate go to game. I felt the same about Brotherhood, Revelations and AC3. But from then on I noticed a shift in the games. Black Flag was great. . . . for a pirate game, but not a top AC game. Rogue was on par with BF maybe even a bit higher since it was from a different perspective and stayed true to the ideal. Then came Unity, stunning graphics and full of new ways to play, and that was about it. The narrative never made me feel like wanting to go on and Arno was more concerned with the fate of his love than the creed he had swore to uphold. And the same for Syndicate. Evie was a saving grace but that is about it. It's a downward trend in the storytelling. I understand that this is a video game primarily. But I like most was pulled into this game by the story, the who what when where why and how's of it all. Including the modern day storyline, because they were connected. The past and the present, investigating one to solve the other. And now I keep reading articles and watching youtube videos telling me that you will be cutting back on the storyline even more. Well the way I see it, your story is the whole reason that you have had my loyalty since the beginning. So without a great narrative there is no reason for me to stick around. So depending on how Origins goes will help me decide if this is my last Assassin's Creed game. I tell you this because I am not the only one who feels this way, there are more of us. Just remember, you are the ones who started us off on this addiction we have only to keep cutting it and cutting it till there is almost nothing left to satisfy our want.

08-21-2017, 09:57 AM
And now I keep reading articles and watching youtube videos telling me that you will be cutting back on the storyline even more.

What articles have you been reading? I've heard nothing of that sort.

08-21-2017, 11:17 AM
I've said this before but I have always thought AC was going to end after AC3 and so the MD (which is aleady somewhat bizarre to me) was allowed to go absolutely crazy. Lucy was just a shock twist to arouse interest and then we had Haytham as another twist and then Desmonds finale was so far out there that, as a series ending it worked but it was far too much to be mid story, the only way the next shock could have been ibgger would have been "All of Desmonds relatives must die or the Universe gets destroyed".

MD had unfortunately taken a turn into a dead end, I think deliberately, but when AC4 Black Flag came out, and is probably the biggest selling Assassin's Game (not Pirate game, an Assassin who happens to be a pirate).. the MD story either had to continue to go with bigger shocks and become ridiculously laughable to most video game players to keep the narrative fans happy or it had to go quiet and rebuild.

It took the 2nd and most sensible choice. I'm sure even the most ardent fans wouldn't want the rest of the internet laughing at how gullible people must be to believe something that just keeps getting crazier every time.

MD, lore, 1st Civ seems to be coming back. In Syndicate we had Juno in the WWI sections (I didn't play them, there are C.o.D. games out there I don't need modern warfare in AC) and I think it will become bigger now we have gone back in time, Origins is like a reboot but not... if that makes any sense :D

I think it will avoid the silly escalating shock factor from game to game and become a solid story told over many games.... if people are hooked on shocks, then I think the MD will not please them too often in the future. I'm probably wrong because, I'm not interested in any narrative, either in the game or supporting the game, I just like the games. Maybe that helps my perspective because as I'm not a narrative fan wearing rose tinted glasses I am not as forgiving when its credibility gets stretched. But I always add, I believe the MD, Lore, 1st Civ is a core component and AC wouldn't have been as popular without it and I would always oppose it being removed from the game.

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