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08-21-2017, 04:27 AM
I'm having a lot of trouble vs good Valks, Conqs and Warlords. Basically anyone wielding a shield as they can pretty much negate my celtic curse and get a free hit in... Conq just gets an easy GB.
It seems like I have to work extra hard against every hero, for every win but these guys just seem so much harder, they can dodge both my kicks and feint into caber toss and just parry my UB... Feels really bad

What can I do against them?

Tundra 793
08-21-2017, 08:08 AM
I'd suggest you practice how far you can push your feints. The Kick and Celtic Curse for instance has some leeway in how long you can wait before canceling them into something else, use those times to throw off turtles.
The kick in particular can be drawn out, and with practice you can time it right so that you can cancel into the Caber Toss the second after your opponent dodges.
Of course you can also go full offensive, get into Offensive Stance, and start swinging. Try canceling your heavy UB into an improved Light.

On the other hand, playing defensively yourself can also work. Especially when you get the times for your Crushing Counter down, they can really mess up an enemies tactics.

That's at least the options I know of, and use myself. Just keep at it, and eventually you'll master it all.

10-17-2017, 01:37 PM
Try something other than telegraphed curse then. I go to Highlander specifically to kill conqs, valks, and just about every assassin. Throw a raw heavy with the right timing and you gimp them.

10-25-2017, 02:16 PM
Conqs can be really hard to deal with as a Highlander due to their superior block and the resulting free GB on a heavy block. What I usually concentrate on are light attacks and utilizing the OF. Then as Tundra said, work your feints and try to grab/kick them. However when you kick them it can be that the OF heavy can be parried atm, not sure right now. However if you are parried I think you are somewhat safe because of the distance in between. Anyway, safest way is to kick them into a wall or just caber toss. Use Celtic Curse or Heavies when you are sure that you can trade next. Sometimes this is a good idea when they charged up an intend to swing at you. With the Celtic Curse you have the chance then to evade the blow or at least lessen it with the hyper armor and then go in to OF form for more damage (second heavy swing would be dangerous).

As for Valks, Warlords... there you can use pretty much everything you have..

10-27-2017, 02:21 PM
Even against normal opponents, avoid using Celtic Curse, ever. It's a highly telegraphed move that cannot be feinted, and usually will end up being parried every time. It's just not a good idea to use unless you're on the offensive already and you just feinted something that forced the opponent to dodge (since they can't switch their guard until they finish the dodge, you can sometimes catch them).

Instead, try whiffing light attacks backwards to go into offensive stance faster. DON'T BE AFRAID TO RANDOMLY GO INTO OFFENSIVE STANCE. One mistake I see a lot of Highlanders do is never go into offensive stance out of nowhere, only using it from Celtic Curse. The power of randomly throwing out a Caber Toss or an offensive heavy feint is surprising. Way too often I'll see people panic and try to dodge my kick only to be grabbed by Caber Toss. Also, if you're near an edge when you Caber Toss, you have enough time to reposition and kick someone off the edge or into the hazard as they're standing up, guaranteed.

A lot of the time it's mixups mixups mixups. Do stupid things out of range, sometimes people will close in and get smacked by a follow up attack. Way too often I'll purposely whiff a top heavy backwards, then use my second top heavy (which instantly has hyper armor!) and trade a lot of damage for someone using a dodge attack or something trying to catch me. It works, people. It's all mind games and mixups. Even my friends around my rank (Diamond 1, currently) have trouble predicting what I'm doing because my playstyle is so crazy and risky.

He's a great character, and will be getting better with his buffs in Season 4. We won't know what the buffs are until next week, but chances are it's just damage or health numbers and maybe frame speeds on certain attacks or hyper armor.

Happy Thighlanding!