View Full Version : AC Unity "Show me the money" badge FREE UNLOCK Now!

08-20-2017, 08:38 PM
Show me the money badge in Ubisoft club for AC Unity requires the player to unlock all club rewards in AC Unity.

Rewards INCLUDING the much hated boosts rewards which requires the use on real money. Using real money, you would buy the boosts which would complete the actions and then unlock the rewards.

However, those actions have been removed (not sure when) making it impossible to earn the rewards that will allow you to earn the badge as I was told from a Ubisoft employee. Due to that, I asked if he could manually unlock the badge for me and to my surprise he did.

Even though I haven't completed all the rewards, he allowed it as I have all of the other rewards unlocked excluding boosts which are impossible to earn now.

GO GRAB YOUR BADGES PLAYERS. I know that several of you guys like myself where pissed off about the fact it required real money to unlock the badge.

Contact support and do a live chat. Took a few minutes and now I have the badge

03-09-2018, 12:38 PM
I tried to unlock some earned boosts and check if the rewards really don't work anymore. And you are right - it simply doesn't work anymore.

Anyway I've contacted Ubisoft support and the support person didn't want to unlock the badge, I still have to buy all the boosts and send screenshots to them that i have them. So basically the rewards don't work, I have to buy the boosts and send screenshots that I have them and they will unlock it for me manually.

Very dissapointed with this and with this "boosts" buggy rewards and for Uplay badge completionist to have such dificulties to unlock it these days