View Full Version : Bot system is broken

08-20-2017, 08:25 PM
I don't understand how the bot pairing system works, it's broken and uneven. so far iv'e been in matches where we are missing two players so we have two bots anyways this match in particular the other team has 3 players; 2 players which are 78 rep and 89 rep while me and my teammate are around rep 30 so we should get at least one lvl 3 bot but i dont think it works that way because the the skill rating thing said par for both allies and enemy are bots were lvl 1 since they just stood there and got ganked and didnt cap any objectives while they had a lvl 3 bot ganking with them can someone look into this bot pairing and make it work.

that is why i see players leave as soon as they see a bot in their team while the enemy team has a full team. lvl 1 bots are brain dead

(update) I was just in a match where at the start my whole team left, i stayed just to complete and order and i at least expected one bot to be level 3 but nope they were two were level 1 and one level 2. I knew they were level one because they just stand there and get killed they are useless, they didn't even go to A or C they kept running to B just to die even though i was telling them to go to A or C with the team chat stuff. I knew that one was a level 2 because it was swinging non stop at them but it wasn't trying to stay alive. the enemy team was only missing 1 player and they had a level 3 conq bot . How is this not broken, why is this even a thing

08-20-2017, 09:25 PM
I agree. Now that we have leaver penalties we could actually just let people join in throughout the whole game, not just in the first 2-3 minutes.
It seems like whenever someone leaves the lobby after a game, the team who had the one who left is guaranteed a loss with a bot as a teammate for the next round.