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08-19-2017, 06:19 PM
Hello all.

I main Orochi (Rep 8 - 180 gear), Kensei (Rep 8 - 180 gear) and Shinobi (Rep 7 - 144 gear).
My secondary mains are Nobushi (Rep 6 - 144 gear), Lawbringer (Rep 6 - 144 gear) and Centurion (Rep 5 - 144 gear).

Gave up on Shugoki which was rep 3 and 108 gear in season 1 as he is weak.

I have about 150K+ steel and tons of mats. Wasted alot of steels and mats during season 1 and season 2 to get 108 gear and 144 gear respectively.

My objective is to try and make most of the classes to reach Rep 8 and open crate to get max gear 180.

Rep 8 ensure all legendary gear which is cost saving and easier to achieve in getting cool looking legendary armour and star weapon

I like classes that looks cool with good looking armour and weapon.

I am a little reluctant to push my remaining heroes that are equipped 144 to 180 as i already spent alot on season 2 to make them look good and get correct stats. Thus, i feel like making a new hero.

During late season 2, I have been wanting to level up my warden (Rep 2) and peacekeeper (Rep 3).

But now new season is out and I cannot make up my mind should i level warden or highlander?

Both classes look badass with legendary gear which i care the most. The dilemma is Warden is a high tier hero but is an old character with only simple moves. highlander seems low tier due to slow attack and damage and very troublesome to use due to the to different modes but he is really cool and unique.

Any advice whether which should i pick 1st? Warden or Highlander? which class will be better in next season which is a more offensive meta?
I can't pick both

Next is assassin, who is better Peacekeeper or Gladiator? as both is average in terms of looks, in terms of hero tier who is better?

Please advice. Thanks in advance.


Mythic MK II
08-19-2017, 09:21 PM
I can't say anything about Warden/pk/gladiator (maybe a bit about gladiator)
But, though highjlander is pretty ahrd to use due to his slowness, is prretty strong and definately not low tier but more mid tier. The others you are talking about are all high tier due to how easy and good their attacks arre.

Gladiator is very dangerous, so is pk. If you like to only use a couple of stabs the whole time, go for pk (it is all she really does.) If you like SB, go with that, pretty much saame case as pk; same usage of skills.
Gladiator is quick and has a lot of moves to feint and playt mind game with, is as quick as pk and has a better overal moveset.

Highlander has a prretty good opener that can go into a kick/grrab combo to open up turtles. Good defense as well, but fast chars like pk and Glad will make it really hard to use Crushing counter strike or parry.

In the end it is all about what you like: Heavy slow characters o fast characters that are mobile.

08-19-2017, 09:52 PM
Honestly.. you should never choose a hero over how they look in gear. But if that's how you want to play, then that is of course your decision.

Highlander vs Warden

As far as these two, I have a lot of experience in Warden and the friend I play with is playing Highlander a lot. The Warden does have a very simple kit to learn but is hard to master. Don't let the simple kit fool you, going up against players can be tricky because by now everyone knows how to avoid or parry the Warden. Highlander is of course slow, but has great openers and is somewhat like the Warden. He does offer crushing counters on all guards though compared to the Warden being restricted to the top so there's a advantage of the Highlander. Mixups are greater on the Highlander but I personally enjoy the Warden more. Pick which is better for your play style or for your cosmetic tastes.

Gladiator vs Peacekeeper

Both are fast, both offer a variety of mix ups for your opponents. I have more experience at the moment with the Gladiator though. I love how many mind games you can pull on others, with the feinting of the zone attack to canceling the impale. You have just enough mix ups to keep your opponent guessing. Though it seems that most the time you'll be relying on the Sucker Punch until you get used to parrying with your Gladiator. 9 unblockables are in the kit, compared to the Peacekeeper. With my experience with the Peacekeeper, it's easier to bait people into parries and the zone attack comes out super fast and you can cancel it to avoid getting parried yourself. Honestly with these two, I'd recommend the Gladiator. More fun to play in my opinion.

08-19-2017, 11:08 PM
Well since it sounds like you're a 4v4 person I don't really think my opinion will have much weight as a duelist..but I will try.

Asthetically speaking only i'd go with warden. Mainly because I prefer plate over whatever nonsense the highlander prefers to wear. Gameplay wise warden is always going to be good. Highlander is amazing if you take the time to learn him and how he plays. He requires reading an opponent more than reacting to one. that alone throws most peoples will to learn him off. I'd probably suggest warden to you unless you feel like broadening your skill as a player. Then take highlander.

Asthetically speaking I prefer peacekeeper to gladiator mostly. But I can't deny that glad helmet with a skeleton smile has got me all giddy as **** over it.
Gameplay wise PK is safer and easier to get into in my opinion. This is primarily because light light and zone cancel are all basically guaranteed to land on majority of players.
Gladiator while fast and has some harassment doesn't have any confirmable combos to do. they are all about fake outs and canceling into something else.

The one thing to note is PK currently can't soft feint from heavy into GB from mid combo like she used to due to time snap being turned off. Which really hurts her mix up game. and since lots of her damage comes from bleed and you'll no longer get GB's off of a parry post PTR changes it will be even harder to play as her. So gameplay wise i'd probably say go for gladiator.

08-20-2017, 03:33 AM
thanks for all the advice

I of course prefer faster character but i also like to have a slow character in my roaster. problem is whether highlander is viable and is worthy to play.

so is warden going to be still strong in season 4 attack meta?

08-20-2017, 03:39 AM
With all the changes being made to the fight system, the Warden might be a bit stronger. Not entirely sure, I guess we'll see when the time comes. I for one will be busy seeing how the Ronin will perform :)

08-20-2017, 05:03 AM
As someone who has played PK since launch I can say Glad will be an easier option over PK, they are both on par in terms of speed, but gladiator has access to CC and unblockables that the PK does not.

Also I'd go for HL over warden. He's tougher to play but more rewarding in my opinion.

08-20-2017, 09:23 AM
Go for what you like to play. Warden and PK are definitely a solid picks though

08-20-2017, 10:33 AM
thanks for all the advice

I of course prefer faster character but i also like to have a slow character in my roaster. problem is whether highlander is viable and is worthy to play.

so is warden going to be still strong in season 4 attack meta?

Again take my input with a grain of salt.
From the last PTR we saw that warden got a true combo of crushing counter into shoulder bash. which is incredibly strong.
And at the time you couldn't parry OOS. so he forced you to either attempt to block or attempt to dodge. So IMO his pressure was insane.
But since they are bringing parrying back while in OOS with the new changes that pressure might be different. it entirely depends on how they plan on changing parrying in OOS.

Beyond that parrying won't give him a GB anymore. which sucks because splats gave him his top heavy which was a lot of damage. Though since he can still bait people into a charged SB which also gives it that loss might not be hugely impactful. I'm not aware of what his best parry punishes are at the moment. if he's got a decent one off of heavy parry then he'll for sure still be very prominent in season 4.