View Full Version : dear dev, can we please get the ability to choose AI difficulty when playing solo?

08-19-2017, 12:28 AM
I know you can do it in custom modes, but I mean in player vs. AI modes where you get steel and exp. I just don't see why this shouldn't be a thing when For Honor has some of the best AIs in any video games I've played, yet they are locked away for who knows what reason.

People can actually farm steel and xp a lot faster by playing against lvl 1 bots all the time, but I would prefer having fun and challenge over faster farming, so it's literally win-win for both players and devs.

Why I want to play against AIs with matchmaking turned off? My favorite mode is elimination yet I've never been able to find a single match for this mode because no one seems to be playing it. I've only found 1 brawl match in 20 hours. When I'm playing against AIs, I don't even need to wait to find people and can start immediately. Finally, lvl 3 bots are actually better than 70% of the people I fought against.

Please Ubisoft, grant us this request!