View Full Version : Idea for scrap and how we can better use it? Take a look, Ubi :)

08-18-2017, 09:51 AM
This idea just came to me and I'm not entirely sure if it's been brought up before so just hear me out.

Each season we seem to get more Tiers in weapons and armor. Each one harder to get if you're just starting out as a new player, or picking up a new Hero.

All of us that have been here since day one, or at least most of us, can all agree we have way too much scrap. It's pretty much pointless after you've leveled up all of your gear to the max and then some. This leaves us with an excess, especially seems how we have to keep emptying out our inventory with gear we don't need or want.

Nobody wants to grind -that- hard for the gear they want to cater each hero to their play style, and nobody wants all this scrap either as it's useless, especially to those who only ever main one hero, or those who've maxed out as many as they please but don't want to waste time on anymore as it would take too long.


What if Ubi decided to incorporate a feature in the game that lets us use our steel to craft our gear?

Here's how, in my mind, this would work.

1) This could be implemented into another menu within our character design. Possibly next to/underneath/above our heroes. The option would read something similar to "Craft Gear" (as basic a title as it gets, I know)

2) Opening said menu would allow us to view the several different tiers of armor and weapon components specifically designed for their respective hero.

3) Each tier would be locked according to the Hero's reputation level and only unlocked once the player has reached the specific reputation level required to start acquiring such gear.

4) Once unlocked the gear would cost varying levels of scrap to create based on level and type. Each tear would cost more and you could even craft a predetermined level of gear, increasing the price based on what you want.

For example: (not in anyway actually mathematically calculated to match in game costs to level up gear, these are just random numbers I'm throwing out)

A) Common Level 1 gear could cost 200 steal to craft, level 2 would cost 220, level 3 245, so on and so forth.

B) Epic level 1 rare item could cost upward of 700-900 scrap to create.

5) These gear sets could have different skins applied at extra cost (example would be if you want a certain look on your headgear or sword etc, you'd pay an extra 10-20%)

6) This crafting ability could also include a cost in steel, incase the devs would want to make it a somewhat challenging yet still attainable goal for both new and experienced players.

7) The ability to craft your own gear would, in a sense, render the loot at the end of a match useless. Because why would you need to upgrade anything when you can just wait till you've hit a certain level and then go crazy in the crafting tab? So, crafting would have to be harder than simply getting to the desired reputation and then blowing everything you have on your own personal set up. Maybe make it so that the crafting feature itself is only unlocked after a certain reputation limit?

The examples I've put here may not be the best but that's because I'm just spit balling them as I have no figures to actually work with at the moment, but I really feel like it could be something worth trying? We got the scrap, we got the steel. Ubi, let us use it! :)

08-18-2017, 10:08 PM
So, what? this idea has been brought up before?

08-18-2017, 10:10 PM
You want to use salvage to craft gear? It would be nice to break away from RNG to get specific stats you want to upgrade.

08-18-2017, 10:49 PM
you want to use salvage to craft gear? It would be nice to break away from rng to get specific stats you want to upgrade.


08-18-2017, 11:44 PM
We're definitely looking into alternate ways for players to be able to use their collections of salvage. Crafting gear sounds like a really cool idea and an interesting way to use salvage. I'll be sure to note down the idea, seaners95.