View Full Version : It became pretty clear that REVENGE need to be look at way more deeply ...

08-16-2017, 08:55 PM
Since the launch of the game, Revenge has been a continuous debate over how powerful or weak it is, and how it should be tweaked.

Yet, even though players were extremely passionate about the subject, it seems like devs would only either buff it or nerf it. One time its way to strong, the other it's pretty much useless, etc etc ...
It's only since season 3 that devs seem to think about revenge more deeply than before, thus including the hyper armor feature to immune to controls and thinking about adding non-parryable attacks. Yet again here's the thing: they stopped mid way.

So in this post, I'm going to give some suggestion in order to balance revenge. Remeber that this is my opinion and feel free to give me yours. SO:

1- I think attacks under revenge shouldn't be parryable EXCEPT IF THEY ARE UNBLOCKABLES. That's a pretty simple way to make revenge a stronger state, while putting an emphasis on attacking, without making it too strong. This, added to the chip damages and the stamina changes that I believe are coming, will make revenge a feared powerful enough state so good players can still manage to win, while less experimented players will at least be able to freely spam their opponent and chip them down a bit.

2-Revenge activation should interrupt everything. Period. Doesn't matter if you are getting hugged by a Shugo or carried away by a raider, activating revenge should get you out of this state. This should make revenge something that really allows for some survivability.

3-I think revenge gain should be more deeply looked at to be depended on the situation.
For instance, earlier today I played a game of Dominion with my prestige 1 Nobushi (so no much stuff). At one moment in the game, I was fighting an Orochi, when I suddenly got stamped charged by a raider into a wall. Well, during that whole time, from the time I got picked up by the raider, to the time I could get up from the control, I got attacked by Orochi's top heavys.
And during all of this, I DIDNT FILLED UP MY REVENGE METER TO FULL. I simply died unable to do anything.
This shouldn't be the case. I believe devs should implement a method to detect if you are absorbing damage when under control, in order to heavily boost your revenge gain accordingly.

4-I think revenge gain should be dependent on the chars health.
If I play a lawbringer or a Shugoki, I can take numerous hits without dying, thus filling greatly my revenge meter even though I sucked at blocking. But If I play the shinobi, I can take one light attack and then die in one shot from a Raider unblockable that I wasn't able to parry.
I think this shouldn't be the case. I think revenge gain should be dependant on the percentage of life lost compared to my maximum health. Doing so will make low life pools chars able to charge up their meter faster than tanks, which seems fair to me; and will make other gear stats than revenge gain more useful to tanks.

That's it, waiting for feed back.

08-17-2017, 12:56 AM
Thanks for the feedback. So, I believe our first idea with the def meta revenge changes were to make it so that Revenge attacks couldn't be parried (like an opposite OOS state). But since we're still holding back on the parry changes to tweak it some more, that didn't come in 1.11.
Revenge now won't be interrupted by melee attacks. Being totally uninterruptible/interrupting everything could potentially make revenge too strong, but if it's ineffective we could consider other changes.

The revenge based on health is certainly an we can chew on and think about however. :)